In conversation with 3Photography about their wedding photography practice and their experience capturing a winter wedding at Airship37 wedding  venue Toronto .

As sisters, working professionally as a team sounds fun. From all aspects how has your photography business benefited from your familial alliance?

It is really fun! We know one another’s ebb and flow so well know that it’s almost like being in business with yourself with an extra set of hands. We’re constantly talking business which was really our whole vision for our lives – one where work and life are one. After graduating university and assisting other wedding photographers, we soon decided that we wanted more. One night over a plate of spaghetti (and unlimited bread and salad) we talked for hours about work and life and decided that we had to join forces and start our own business. We instantly started by creating a website and gathering together our portfolio. It didn’t take much thought as to what we would name our business. It would be “3Photography”. People ask us why “3” Photography, since the business is headlined by two, not three people. The number “3” signifies the powerful relationship that we had, and still have, with our mother who has passed away. Part of our business is dedicated to her, to show her and ourselves how far we’ve come together. Looking at a photo of our parents with us as little ones, or getting our hands on photos of our grandparents is so important to both of us now. Those photos are able to tell us things about our lives that we can’t hear from our parents anymore. They provide us with narratives about ourselves, our childhood, and our history – this is so precious to us. We feel very privileged to help you create these memories for yourself and your family.

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The pictures you took at Dominique & Mike’s wedding at Airship37 are so vibrant and full of life. How did you achieve this?

They were both so genuinely happy and emotive, which made our jobs easier! It’s important to us that real emotion jumps off the page so we try to take a step back when we’re capturing events so it’s not so obvious that we’re there – that way couples are open to experience all of the feelings and not like someone is spying on them! Of course this starts with the couple feeling ultra at ease with us at first which is why we try to develop a rapport with them through meetings and engagement shoots, all before the wedding. If we all feel like good pals it’s much easier for them to be more relaxed.

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What is your process for preparing to shoot in a venue like Airship37? What factors do you have to consider ie. the source of natural light?

The light is always a factor everywhere and especially indoors. Airship 37 has really great windows that were letting in the afternoon sunlight just as we stepped into the building for the ceremony. The entire space (though largely flexible based on needs, I believe) was covered in soft and simple white draping which really helped to reflect light off of everything and open the space right up! The ceremony took place in late afternoon in the middle of December which is essentially the dead of night but still looks open and airy!

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The visual look of the wedding at Airship37 though varied had an evenness to it and was well thought out. As the photographer of the wedding do you share in the process of the thematic vision of the wedding?

First and foremost, it’s important that the bride and groom feel comfortable with us – the helps everything come together. It means that the photos look more authentic and more seamless.

We also play a part in ensuring that we section off enough time to do our thing with portraits so no one is stressed out, and we also make sure that we’re hitting the right light at the right times. Evenness in the lighting of the day really really brings home a strong theme in the photos.

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The florals at the wedding were beautiful and worked well in the space. How do you think they achieved this and what was your strategy for getting all the little details of the day?

They really WERE fabulous! We wanted to make sure that we captured the space immediately after entering so we could grab the details with the natural light pouring through the windows which really helped to amp up the magical woodland feel that the florals brought to the space.

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The time of year of the wedding seemed to be of special significance to the couple as they worked with all the seasonal elements of winter. How did you incorporate this into your photography?

It’s that pesky light again! It keeps coming up! But seriously, looking at the photos you get a sense of that early winter mood – the cloudy mid-day sunshine and sparkly haze of the sunset so early in the afternoon just naturally fits so well in all of our minds with pine trees and twinkle lights. The elements they chose to add to their day were a perfect blend with the season.

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You had previously shot the couples’ engagement photos, how does having this as a prior experience with the couple help on the wedding day?

Yes! It helps immensely! Most people are not used to getting their picture taken with a giant camera in their face and aren’t sure if they’re supposed to be relaxed? Pose? It all feels weird at first. For everyone the answer is different but it still takes about 30 minutes to kind of get the hang of things. Having a big camera in your face is a little intimidating at first, so an engagement shoot is a great way to get used to it before the big day! It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know and get comfortable with your photographer. E-shoots are relaxed, easy-going, fun, and the photos you’ll get will really reflect that. We can’t recommend them enough!

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What did you like best about the visual look of the wedding at Airship37?

I love that it was so customizable and, in this instance, the couple were able to have the ceremony, and cocktail hour, and reception in the same space. For peace of mind to the bride and groom this is so valuable – not worrying about transportation or family members getting lost driving from the ceremony to reception – especially if they’re from out of town!

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If you had an afternoon and your camera where would you be taking pictures? 

Actually this is me every afternoon – I am in love with Instagram ( and take photos of pretty much anything and everything. It’s funny though, when I’m working I LOVE taking photos.

Thank you so much for the lovely interview with 3Photography and congratulations to the lovely couple.

Wedding Planning & Coordination: Melissa Baum Events (
Photography: 3Photography (
Videography: Big Ticket Productions (
Venue and Catering: Airship 37 (
Stationery: Minted (
Decor and Florals: Blush and Bloom (
Cupcakes: Pink Lemon Bake Shop (
Linens: Susan Murray (
venue: Airship37 (