A sophisticated Gold and glimmering Style shoot at Airship37 : An Insider Interview with Designed Dream Wedding Planning

In an interview about the shoot (Weddingbells) you talk about the colour palette and how important it is to establish clear choices, defining which colours in the palette are dominant. Can you speak a little more about this?

The colours in the styled shoot were chosen in accordance to this year’s trends: white, black, blush pink with light touches of green and gold. This winning combination created a sophisticated, yet soft look. To stay on the softer side, we chose to emphasize the white, blush pink and gold more, while adding just a touch of black for extra sophistication. By changing around which colour you emphasize, you can completely change the effect you portray.



What was your process for choosing your partners for this shoot?

This styled shoot was created by myself and my partner/florist Alina Tacmelova from Flowers Time.

Vendors were selected very carefully to ensure that the products used aligned well with the feel of the shoot. Cakealicious by Reem created this beautiful and very detailed cake as well as all desserts featured. The Polka Dot Paper Shop was amazing at creating all stationery pieces including the invitation, which matched the rest of the décor perfectly.



How did you choose your photographer Vai Lu Law Photography?

I worked with Vai Yu Law Photography on a wedding in 2013. That wedding was actually featured in Weddingbells magazine. I chose her because I really liked her style and thought she would be perfect for this kind of photo shoot, especially with her fashion editorial background. The photographer Vai Yu incorporated her editorial touch into the photo session, ensuring it had the feel of high-fashion, yet keeping the design approachable for the average (yet discerning) bride.



A wedding style shoot is an interesting in that it alludes to a wedding but in a highly stylized way. What is the balance between presenting the look of a real wedding versus a style shoot?

The main purpose of a style shoot is to show brides what is in style and in trend right now, as well as to show a glimpse into what we predict for the upcoming season. A style shoot is a great tool showing brides some interesting and unique ideas for their décor. Basically everything that they see in the styled shoot is possible to translate into a real wedding, but I would say that only the bravest of brides would like to do something so extravagant and “outside of the box” for their own wedding. That being said, we have noticed a dramatic increase in brides who are willing to branch out from the traditional and into the more unique and “outside of the box” for décor, fashion and function.



It was interesting how you used the industrial qualities of the venue Airship37 to create striking images. With the picture of the bride against the white wall as an example, how did you utilize the unique attributes of the venue.

We chose Airship37 for its trendy, yet elegant feel and its bright, open concept. Its stark interior is a blank canvas, allowing us to make it whatever we wish. And of course we loved that gorgeous chandelier! It gave the photo shoot a luxurious appearance with just a touch of vintage chic.


The pictures of the bride and the retro cruiser bus is fun and lends itself to a whole story. What was the idea behind using the bus in the shoot?

A retro cruiser bus is just such a unique backdrop that we wanted to show people how using something unexpected can add a significant and unique punch to their photos. We wanted to encourage your readers to think “outside of the box” as much as possible to enhance the unique quality of their photos. Not only did we use this retro cruiser bus, but we also hung the bridal dress, bouquet and shoes from the gorgeous chandelier, which we think really helped show off one of the most stunning aspects of the venue.




The florals are very lush, romantic and classical. What was the design concept motivating these choices?

We wanted to keep the light and fresh feeling consistent throughout the shoot, and that included keeping the florals light and airy. Alina from Flowers Time chose lower centrepieces to keep the table open and the concept fresh.




Couples have so much access through social media, inspiration from style shoots and real wedding blogs. How have you seen this affect the planning of weddings?

This has a huge impact on the planning of weddings nowadays! In the past year I haven’t seen a bride that hasn’t used Pinterest for her inspiration board. Every bride I meet for a consultation comes with her Pinterest board on her phone and shows me pictures of something they wanted me to help them create for their dream wedding. Every bride that books with us starts following us on Facebook and Instagram and gets a lot of inspiration for their own wedding from our pages. This all means that as a wedding planner, I have to keep my social media pages updated and interesting at all times for my past, present and future brides as well as potential clients.


The sweets in the shoot had a pretty and stylized look. How was this achieved?

The cake company was selected very carefully by us. Knowing the style of Cakealicious by Reem and having worked with her many times in the past, I decided she would be the perfect fit for our whimsical – yet elegant and luxurious styled shoot. I’d say she was!



What was your favourite part of the shoot?

Watching the pieces fall into place on the day-of. It is a wonderful feeling when you create something that you imagined in your mind, planned on paper, created an inspirational board for, all of a sudden becomes reality and everything looks even better than you thought it would.



What trends are you seeing on your wedding planning business?

− More and more brides are trying to move away from traditional. The biggest trend is uniqueness. Every bride wants to have the most unique venues, flowers and décor, cakes and dresses.

− Laces are still in trend this year and it looks like it will stay in trend for the next year too

− Water colors are very trendy for flowers, décor, invitations and even cakes. For the next season, don’t be afraid to play with fresh, bright colours and to use bold accents.

− It is getting popular to see bride and groom choreographed dance or singing a song together or flash mob dance of their bridal party. This provides an amazing wow effect for their guests!

− Cakes will be replaced with less traditional cupcakes or sweet tables, instead of a traditional cake cutting, couples prefer to do cupcake feeding.

− To have a live painter at your wedding that will hand paint during the reception. That serves as an entertainment for your guests plus you get a painting of your wedding after.


What advice would you give couples about creating the look of their wedding? With so many choices to make what is a good starting point?

Some people start their wedding planning with a style and a theme already in mind and clearly defined. If however, you don’t know which way to go, do some Google research and see what kind of style suits YOU! Otherwise you can think of something that you and your fiancé like and create your style this way. Your style will have to show your personalities and tell your story. It has to be YOU! Next step, if you decided to hire a wedding planner, she or he will find the right vendors for your style and budget, otherwise if you prefer to plan your wedding yourself, you will have to source out vendors yourself. Very important is to check their reviews, testimonial and references online, as there are a lot of scams out there. Be careful and don’t book anyone if you can’t find any reviews about the company. Referrals are great too, just ask your friends! The hardest part is to put all pieces together. Creating an inspiration board can give you just the right amount of direction to keep you from straying too far from your vision.


Airship37 has three unique spaces. The Gooderham Lounge, the Hanger and the urban outdoor space. How did you utilize each of these separate spaces in the shoot?

That was one of my ideas for this styled shoot, to incorporate all three spaces that have different looks and flairs. This idea was born when I first saw that venue and had my tour with an amazing event coordinator there. Jessie showed me all three spaces and told me a little story about each of them! These three spaces created a harmonized mix of styles: luxury, whimsical, sophistication and shabby chic – all at the same time! We wanted to emphasize that all these different styles can be carefully mixed together, when using the right elements and touches.

If there was a soundtrack to go along with this style shoot what would it sound like?

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri


Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund – Give in to me

If this style shoot was extended out into a real wedding what would you add, take away? ie what would the ceremony look like?

As I mentioned above, this styled shoot had a nice mix of styles. The potential ceremony location would depend on which direction the couple wanted to go. If they wanted a sophisticated and modern look, I would suggest doing a ceremony inside the hanger with white walls and draping. If it was rustic whimsy they were going for, I would hold it in the outdoor space. Also, the number of guests will dictate which place the ceremony can be held, as each space can accommodate up to a fixed number of guests. Outside of the ceremony, I wouldn’t take away any of the details we used in the styled shoot – but would likely add more details to the cocktail hour space with the matching place cards or a seating chart. Perhaps a little DIY photo booth area for guests to have fun at! There are so many interesting elements that can be added to a wedding, it will all depend on the style that a couple will want to go with.


In your wedding planning business what is your favourite part of your job?

The day-of is the best part of my job. The day when you see how all pieces come perfectly together. It is amazing to see the bride’s face when she enters the hall and sees all of the little bits and pieces we have agonized over for months (or even years!) finally come together and create the perfectly planned and perfectly executed atmosphere.


What is your next dream style shoot?

We are planning our next fabulous shoot in just a few weeks, but we’re keeping tight-lipped about our plans. You’ll have to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out!

Designed Dream Wedding Planning

Photography courtesy of Vai Yu Law Photography.

Location: Airship 37
Model: Spot 6 Management
Bridal gown and hairpiece: Best For Bride
Cake: Cakealicious by Reem
Wedding planners: Designed Dream Wedding Planning
Hair and makeup: Candace French Hair And Makeup
Flowers: Flowers Time
Invitation: The Polka Dot Paper Shop
Decor: Chairman Mills
Linens: Linen Closet