In what has become an annual event, the 2014 edition of The Beer Experience at Berkeley Church was introduced as follows “If you consider yourself a sophisticated beer lover who appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating the perfect brew, this experience is for you. It’s an experience for the distinguished beer drinker. From craft beers to boutique beers, cooking with beer and beer cocktails this is the Ultimate Beer Experience.” (

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The mission statement of the event was, “Together we will create the renaissance of the modern day beer festival. Putting emphasis back on tradition and bringing out the true spirit of premium beer.” This statement by the premium beer experience was truly expressed and achieved at the event.

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A highlight was the breweries’ artful shirts.

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Each brewery either brewed something totally unique specifically for this event, or they brought  a brand new brew that hasn’t hit the shelves yet!

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Berkeley Church wowed the guests with delectable bites from their talented kitchen Berkeley Catering.

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The live music was a highlight giving everyone an excellent tempo to sample the unique beers to.

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Guests tried them all or just sampled a few and could move between the Berkeley Church to the Berkeley Fieldhouse and even venture out in the urban garden and up to the treehouse.

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Twitter was one of the favourite means of expressing the appreciation of a great event and excitement of the launch of #TBW2014.

Niagara Oast House@OastHouseBeer Sep 11

Settin’ up shop in this ol’ girl tonight! Swing by this one of a kind festival for one of a kind beer @BerkeleyChurch

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Had a time at last night’s #beerexperience @BerkeleyChurch with the #craftbeer folks – cheers!


Carmen Chan@Eat_Car Sep 11

@WellingtonBrew #limitededition #pomegranate wheat #beer @premiumbeers @TOBeerFestival @BerkeleyChurch so refreshing!


jenny@wanderlust1212 Sep 11

Landed in the treehouse. Beer & wine pairings. Perfect! … @premiumbeers @BerkeleyChurch


Beer Experience @premiumbeers Sep 12

Best treehouse party ever! Wine + beer pairings… Yeah we went there. #BeerExperience


The variety and creativity of the beers was a great testament to the spirit of craft being alive and well. Another perk of the independent beer scene is they have a keen sense of good graphic branding.

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A great time was had by all and it was a fantastic kick off to TBW2014.

Venue: Berkeley Church

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Catering: Berkeley Catering

Premium Beer Experience

Photography : Paul McNulty