The Gourmet Games took place at Berkeley Church event venue Toronto.  A great food and wine experience should go beyond simply consuming food and wine. It should educate, excite, and challenge. That’s the idea behind the Gourmet Games. Throughout the evening, guests chose from a series of cooking demonstrations, browsed the wine tasting gallery, and listened in as top sommeliers compete for best food/wine pairings.

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Cava Executive Chef Chris McDonald captivated a crowd with his vast experience and charisma.

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Bringing the art of cooking into a public forum is something Chris McDonald is primed for. “I’ve always liked the dinner table, and food and wine, and I like the combination of agriculture and science, especially in winemaking. Restaurants are to some degree like theatre; every evening is showtime, so you’re trying to get ready for all of that and create an experience for your diners, and I’m passionate about that.”

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Chef Loseto representing George Restaurant at #GourmetGames. @veritywoman. Can’t wait to see what he has cooked up!


“With my food it’s a very tricky proposition,” says Loseto. “I like to have a lot of flavours. I just like to eat like that—even at home I’ll go a little crazy. I’ll make six salads just because we like to try each one. My dishes are a tasting menu within a tasting menu because every element can stand on it’s own. That’s what the food is all about.”

“The food itself has a lot of little tastes, layered flavours and interesting components. It’s not rustic by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s also not out of reach for many people. We like to call it Toronto cuisine; it reflects the cultures of the city with definite Italian undertones.” – See more at:

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Chef Lorenza Loseta is profiled in the new cookbook Toronto Cooks, in which Amy Rosen profiles the city’s top 100 chefs and gets them to “give up their signature recipes”.

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Over 50 award-winning wines from around the world were poured the evening of the Gourmet Games. The regions featured this year included Argentina, Australia, California, Chile, Italy, South Africa and Spain. Guests had an opportunity to wander the wine gallery and test out the recommended food pairings from the guest sommeliers.
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Guests left the Gourmet Games with a greater knowledge of food and wine pairing, some fantastic culinary inspirations and at least one or two next favourite wines.
Photographer Paul McNulty