Photographer Scarlet O’Neill shares her wisdom and inspiration from a Fairy Tale Wedding at Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding venue Toronto.

What led you to photography?
Since I was little, I was lugging around my dad’s heavy film camera. Then when I could understand what it was, I was immediately hooked. In my teenage years I was incredibly lucky to work as an assistant to a photographer in Detroit who freelanced for the NYtimes. She was the person who really opened my eyes to loving the craft.

What is your favourite thing about working with couples?
The realism, the comfort, the love and all the little quirks I learn about them. I’m lucky that my couples really let go and trust me to be totally comfortable in front of the camera. It’s like fairy tales but real life, which makes it even better.

Your stunning wedding shoot at the Berkeley fieldhouse is such a unique wedding, including your coverage of it. What was it like being the photographer at this wedding?
Crystal and Cameron are one of the most inspiring couples I’ve ever worked with. When I first met Crystal, our meeting turned into a three hour gab fest where I instantly fell in love with her & Cameron’s story. They were such an open and genuine couple, and their wedding had heart like no other. Their wedding was a little funky fairy tale that encompassed some of the best moments I’ve ever seen at weddings.
Everything from the decor to the bride’s dress is so off the grid in a great way. How did your photography highlight these great choices?
Paying attention to all the details was really important while always keeping the story line of the day and the personalities of the couple. Everything was really organic and having enough time throughout the day definitely helped in ensuring all the details were covered.
You mentioned your style of processing your photographs has changed somewhat, how so?
It hasn’t necessarily changed as it has been refined. My photos about five or so years ago followed some of the trends of digital work, but as I’ve been more experienced and seasoned in my work, I’ve realized that true honest images to the day are best. Mine are accurate to how everything looked in real life with a little touch of my style and a homage to my film days.
What qualities does Berkeley fieldhouse have that you as a photographer can leverage?
Shooting at Berkeley Fieldhouse is always one of my favourites. People are really able to do a lot or a little with the space and it’s always gorgeous.
What was the best part of this wedding?
The excitement of them getting married. These two really understand that a wedding is a great party but it’s always about the marriage, and the beginning of a new chapter.


You did some really great shots of the couple and the wedding party around the venue, was this scripted or did you do it on the fly?
All my portrait shoots are on the fly in a sense that I try not to replicate people’s day. They are their own and so I treat each just like that. When it comes to the portrait shoots and the wedding party shots, I always want to ensure I am looking to the people I am photographing for inspiration in how to photograph them.
What part of the wedding is your favourite to photograph?
I am completely in love with the first reveal if they chose to have one. I compare it to falling asleep and waking up together. The idea for me is that they are choosing that this is the person they want to fall asleep with and wake up next to for the rest of their life. Just the two of them. So, why not have a moment on your day that is just you two, for you two. The realness, the emotion that comes out during a first reveal can take your breath away.
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If you could describe this wedding in three words what would they be?
Sparkle, heart and giggles.


What advice would you give couples for their wedding?

Let the day really represent you and never forget why you are getting married in the first place. Marriage is about you two. Make sure you follow your heart with all your decisions.