How does your hand drawn and customized technique add to the overall design of a wedding?

In this digital age where everything is done on computers and printers, my hand lettered pieces brings a type of look that is somewhat opposite of digital, and the trick is the fact that it is NOT perfect. There is balance and beauty of each letter and word, but they are not identical, rather like siblings in a family.  Each piece is created and customised to the wedding and I really try to gather as much information from the venue, the invite, to the colours to choose the PERFECT lettering and design for their pieces. From vintage, to elegant, to festive, I have fonts to match each mood.  I can also letter on so many surfaces which is very helpful, chalkboards, mirrors, crystal, glass, there are so many possibilities. There are messages and announcements at every event, “sign our guestbook” , “dessert table” , “cards & gifts”, my job really is to make your messages look as beautiful as the wedding & marriage itself, love is in the small details.  Also, I am a illustrator as well so I can pretty much draw anything!  This is especially helpful when couples have a theme and for bar menus and logos.

Sweets Table Airship37-wedding venue

In creating your lovely designed signage at the airship37 wedding what was your design process?

Airship 37 is such a unique space!   While speaking with the bride and groom, I really understood their vision for the day and what I gathered was an industrial modern feel with hints feminine romance.  The best description of this is the butterfly seating chart, the chalkboard itself is very industrial, straight lines and simple and I used a very neat font, but the butterflies add a very romantic touch to the board that gives it such a great balance.  I was lucky enough to design some of the boards for this wedding, this makes everything very cohesive in the overall look.  The processional board that was created was a very neat and lovely piece that took the place of programs, this brought a focus and design element to the room and the bride and groom has a keepsake of the day.

Photo Props-airship37-event venue

What is your biggest source of inspiration in doing your work?

The saying is most definitely true, “Creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”  In the midst of doing one project, more ideas and possibilities will come to mind!  When creating hand lettered pieces, the lovely couple are the inspiration, I love hearing about all aspects and elements of their planning and details, and their love story too! In the end, I want to exceed their expectations of what they imagined for something as simple as lettering.  Personally, my daughter inspires me every day in life to do more, try harder, learn new things, and live happily doing what I love, and this is it! She makes me feel young and old at the same time and silently encourages me to become the best me.  If in the years to come she looks at my life and work and is inspired by me, then I know I have accomplished something.

Seating Chart Airship37-event venue

What are some of the different surfaces you have created your work on?

I am always trying out new surfaces and mediums!  Chalkboards,  mirrors, window panes, crystal frames,  old wooden panels, entire walls, glass jars, bar counters, raw canvas,  I can really letter on everything!  What is very helpful is that sometimes venues have beautiful pieces in place, like ornate mirrors, these can actually be put to great use as a seating chart, or a bar menu!

When you are designing for a wedding what are your priorities for the outcome?

My top top top priority is my saying that its art and announcement in harmony.  The message is a must, but the delivery must be beautiful for the eyes.  For example, we pay so much attention to the look, taste and presentation of the desserts, a poorly lettered sign in front of the display will alter the entire look of the table.

Table Place Cards @airship37-wedding venue.

What advice would you give a couple when they are first starting to think of the design for their wedding?

Tell me as much as possible about your wedding!  I am like a sponge, I absorb your details and design according to what you tell me!  I like to look at your invitations, these give me a very good sense of the feel of your wedding.  In some cases I can mirror fonts from the invite to tie everything together.

What trends are you seeing in the design of weddings?

This past summer I feel that chalkboards were on the top of the list, there were vintage boards, rustic boards, modern boards, chalkboards give a softer touch than a digitally created piece. And even small details had chalkboard elements like table numbers and dessert tables.  I think for 2015 hand lettering will be in demand for mirrors!  The look of lettering on mirrors is not only clean and neat, but it looks so elegant with the right typeface!  I have created some beautiful seating charts on mirrors and they such show stoppers.

Mirror Airship37-event venue

Weddings often have many professionals working together on any one wedding. What has been the upside of working with so many other creative professionals in your experience?

For the most part I usually work with the bride & groom or the wedding planner  that can give me a clear vision of the day.  I have worked with florists on occasion coordinating signage and flowers together.  I love working with wedding vendors and creative people!  In the end, it is our job to create splendid things for a life event and we are happy to do so.

Wedding Program Airship37

In a unique industrial space like airship37 how can your signage highlight the attributes of the space?

The entrance of Airship37 is the perfect place for signage as it’s like a crossroads for your guests!  A great welcome to the wedding board with information of what is happening on each side is a great way to welcome and give direction to your guests.  Also, with that amazing bar in the lounge, a customized bar menu of what is available for the evening is a fantastic idea!  Sometime the newlyweds have signature drinks and these could be on display at the bar!

Bar Menu Airship37-event venue

In your spare time what creative projects do you work on?

Amongst hand lettering for weddings, I also do chalkboard and lettering work for restaurants and boutique shops!   I have created unique hours of operation signs and holiday windows amongst other things.  I also letter, design and craft unique and custom art & items  that I sell on Etsy, local craft shows.  My upcoming show in 2015 March at the One of a Kind Spring show will be my biggest yet, I will be showcasing in the Etsy section with my hand lettered goods, one of a kind prints, and my “Posecards” line, greeting card and photo prop in one!

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Venue: Airship37