Designed Dream Wedding Planning Shares a behind the scenes account of the planning and design of Brittany and Anthony’s Lovely Whimsical Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding.

For the lovely wedding of Britanny and Anthony at Berkeley Fieldhouse you used the  theme of birds as a motif. The Berkeley Fieldhouse has the Taddle Creek running through it and with its urban garden has a little piece of wilderness on site. How did these attributes of the venue contribute to the theme of the wedding?

Brittany and Anthony chose this venue because of its gorgeous attributes. They came to me with ideas for decor and style and had a lot of DIY projects, which made this wedding so unique and fresh!

first look at berkeley fieldhouse

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How would you describe the design of this wedding?

As organic and natural as possible. My bride loves nature, flowers and birds and this theme was incorporated into every detail of the wedding. Bridesmaids’ dresses had floral designs on them, the centrepieces were whimsical garden flowers that we put together ourselves and the bride was wearing a beautiful headpiece made out of fresh flowers.

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If you had three different popular cultural references for this wedding what would they be?

This wedding is so unique, it is certainly hard to pin down three popular culture references that would describe it. The only thing I can think of – is if Snow White were a modern, city-dwelling princess, this is certainly the hip, modern and urban wedding that she would throw!

Garden-Party-Wedding-Berkeley Fieldhosue

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What is your favourite part of helping a couple plan and design their wedding?

The best part for me was the day of. The day when you see how everything we discussed comes together. Brittany and Anthony had a lot of DIY projects in their wedding and we helped them to set them all up, we even put all centrepieces together, the florist just delivered flowers in bins and Brittany provided vases. The fact that Brittany trusted us with putting centrepieces together, really meant a lot to us. We also did a set-up of the sweet table and cupcakes.

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When couples meet with you how do they communicate their vision for the wedding to you?

When I first meet with a couple, we spend about an hour together and I get as much information from them as possible in order to understand their taste, preferences and vision. I won’t finish the consultation unless I understood their vision completely. The better you know the couple, the easier it is to work with them. With Brittany and Anthony it was actually very easy! Both of them are very outgoing and positive people. I could see the LOVE in their eyes, and could feel this right away. They told me how they met and how they love travel and shared some details about their wedding and that was enough for me in order to build the whole picture about their big day.

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Beautiful set up berkeley Fieldhouse whimsical wedding

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What was the idea behind the whimsical florals?

The flowers used were hand-chosen by the bride herself. They were the perfect compliment to the whole theme of the wedding. The bride picked and ordered the flowers, bought her own cute little vases and trusted us to put them together into some whimsical centrepieces, so that was what we did!

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The decor and design choices have to work throughout the span of the wedding and reception and look good throughout the whole event as the light changes from daylight to night and through the spectrum of changes. How do you plan for this?

You really don’t have to plan a lot with this venue, as it has so much character that it does a lot of the work for you. In daylight, everything looks very natural and when the night comes, this place turns into a super romantic scent, complete with a candlelight atmosphere, and a beautiful terrace where people can mingle or dance.

berkeley fieldhouse garden party wedding

As much as it is important that the event looks and feels beautiful, the success of the  photos are a big part of the expectations of the day. How do you plan for this in your design?

It is important to find the right photographer for your wedding. Brittany found Vay Yu Photography herself through some personal contacts and her style matched perfectly to this wedding. Every photographer has a unique style and flair, and it is important to ensure that their style is one that matches your personality in order for you to have shots that will look as appealing to you in 50+ years as they do to you now.

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I love the campy blankets and and the fun touches you added. When designing a wedding do you have in mind the photo shoot that the couple may have together in the venue sometime during the wedding day?

The main point of styling a wedding is to make sure that every single detail matches, there should be a clear line going throughout the event and that how you create a big picture of that beautiful day. If all that works out this way, there shouldn’t be any issues with the photos during the wedding, provided you have a great photographer of course!

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What moment made you the happiest about this wedding?

The moment when our bride entered the room for the very first time, and upon seeing all of our hard work, dreams and aspirations come to life, she exclaimed “wow!!”. That moment has to be the happiest one for us!

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Garden-Party-Wedding at Berkeley Fielhdouse

The photographer of this wedding was Vai Yu Law Photography who you have worked with previously. Is it a bonus to the success of the wedding to have great working relationships with all the parties involved?

Absolutely! It is critical to work with trusted vendors that you have relationships with, vendors that you know will be there on time, will deliver the best service and that have great personalities to work with!

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With a complete open slate in the Berkeley Fieldhouse what theme would you do? (other than this lovely one)
I like mixing styles and creating an interesting combination of luxury and shabby chic. Next time with the Berkeley Fieldhouse I would do something shabby chic with nice pastel colors adding a luxury element to it.

Interview with : Designed Dream Wedding Planning

Photography courtesy of Vai Yu Law Photography.

Ceremony and reception location: Berkeley Fieldhouse
Bridal gown:
Groom’s tux: Tom’s Place
Cupcakes: Desmond and Beatrice
Favours: Maple Syrups from Maple Orchard Farms
Wedding planners: Designed Dream Wedding Planning
Music: Kool Tempo DJ Services
Hair and Make-Up: Samantha Pickles from Judy Inc.
Flowers: My Luscious Backyard
Done by friend, Slava Toth