Photographer Emma McIntyre on capturing the magic of a Romantic Summer wedding at Berkeley Church.

This beautiful wedding had a sense of performance to it with the grand entrance with the lights dimmed to highlight the marquee lighting. Did you work with the couple on planning the special moments of the wedding and how you would best capture them?

Definitely we had talked before about the details that were the most significant to them. The marquee was one of them – they had gone to great lengths to find it so they really wanted a lot of photos that featured it. From a photographic point of view it makes our job easier when there are interesting visual elements like a marquee as a backdrop it adds an interesting to dimension to the images. For their entrance my assistant and I coordinated to stand in different places to get as many angles as possible as well as reactions of their guests. They made the entrance more dramatic by lowering the house lights and lighting up the marquee while playing “All of the Lights.”

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Toronto wedding photography- berkeley church wedding.13The series of photographs of the couple around the church together are so stylized and beautiful. Were they choreographed beforehand or spontaneous?

The photos of the couple around the church were spontaneous although I knew they wanted to capture a few shots in and in front of the limousine and to have a toast with some champagne outside beforehand. The church has a really beautiful exterior so it’s great to work with as a backdrop.

toronto wedding photography- berkeley church- romantic wedding

One shot in particular of Stella standing in the Mezzanine overlooking the church is so editorial and interesting. What was the idea behind this picture?

I think again this image was spontaneous. She was waiting for a few details to come together with their photo booth backdrop and the flowers and was just taking a moment to decompress. These kind of images are my favorite because they are natural moments.

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Do you have a list of must-have pictures in your back pocket when you are photographing weddings?

I always try to get nice individual portraits of both bride and groom, lots of detail shots of things that are important to them, shots of guests and atmosphere that give a sense of the feeling of the day and of course portraits of the couple together that convey something authentic about their characters and their love for each other. Beyond that it’s hard to predict what moments will pop up but you know what’s important when you see it.

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How would you describe your style of photography at this stunning wedding?

I try and approach weddings with the same spirit as I shoot anything I’m documenting for editorial work. I try and avoid staging too much and find when an image is staged the best one is always the one where the couple is off guard/ the natural moments that come when people are coming out of a pose. Overall I really endeavor to capture the story of the day as authentically as possible. Ryan and Stella were both really enthusiastic about the photography and allocated a lot of time to get to the locations they had picked. This makes it really seamless because you’re working off of their energy and when it’s positive and excited the job is so easy.

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How are you able to pull out the special moments and capture them amongst the bustle of activity at a wedding?

I guess it’s something you learn over time and also you really have to be on your game the whole day and be ready for a great candid moment to arise at any second. I think you have to turn on your sensitivity and be really attuned to what people are feeling so you can almost anticipate when a moment is coming.

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What is your favourite photograph from this wedding?

Attaching two photos I liked from the wedding – one was a really funny moment in the church (now I can’t quite recall what the priest had said but the couple might remember?) and the other is a nice moment between them dancing.

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How did you leverage the natural historic setting of Berkeley Church to get such beautiful pictures?

The Berkeley Church is a great venue because it’s versatile. I’ve shot weddings there as well as concerts and events and seen it work so well for all of those diverse events. The Berkeley Fieldhouse has such a different feeling from the main part of the church and both are great for photography. In Toronto we don’t have a lot of these historic spaces so I always love shooting in them.

Lovely-Summer-Wedding-in-Toronto-berkeley church

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You really utilized the mezzanine for getting the big pictures shots that showcase all the beautiful details of the wedding. Was this something you planned for?

Whenever I’m at a venue with a balcony/ mezzanine I always try and capture a bird’s eye view type of overall image that highlights the movement and energy of the night. I focus a lot on detail shots so it’s nice to balance it with images that paint a picture of the whole scene.

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Lovely-Summer-Wedding-in-Toronto wedding photographer-berkeley church

Toronto wedding photography- berkeley church wedding.12 The natural light coming the Berkeley Church created an ethereal quality in your photographs. How did you use this to get a beautiful outcome?

I think that was just lucky timing. The light that was coming through when I was shooting the room before the guests arrived happened to be strong and beautiful which was perfect. It’s a small window of time to shoot details from when you arrive at the venue to the evening events starting so I was fortunate with the way the day unfolded to have this opportunity.

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What is your go- to place for inspiration as a photographer?

I look at a lot of photo books and magazines and follow photographers from around the world on Instagram. The most inspiring thing to me though is traveling and seeing new places and the quality of light in new places. I always feel freshly inspired after a trip somewhere.

Photography  Emma McIntyre

Ceremony location:  Parish of Saint John
Reception location:  Berkeley Church
Bridal gown: Powder
Bridal party attire:  J. Crew
Groom’s tux:  GotStyle Menswear
Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Favours:  Nadege Patisserie
Stationery: Natalie Papanikolov