Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios hosted a product release party at Airship37 with hands-on demonstrations for the upcoming release of Forza Horizon – an open world racing video game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360

“Xbox Canada invited media to Airship 37 in the Distillery District for a chance to meet Forza Horizon design director Jon Knoles, who introduced the new game before giving everyone a chance to try it out.”


Airship37 is an ideal Toronto location for product launches of all shapes and sizes.  Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios were able to drive a car right into the Gooderham Lounge and customize the venue to suit their event.


Turn 10 Studios has made sure that every car in Forza has its own personality (thanks to insane amounts of research); they want to foster lasting relationships between players and their cars. “Cars are not supposed to be disposable, ” Jon said, with authority.



The Gooderham Lounge in the downtown Toronto venue Airship37 has the industrial rustic charm with eclectic historic accents that affords a unique and memorable setting.


The game is constantly rewarding you for skilled driving through a skill system. It is speed, style, and freedom of the open road.  The music is curated by Rob da Bank a real world festival promoter, and BBC Radio DJ. The soundtrack you would expect to hear at any summer music festival anywhere in the world, but the game also features a killer soundtrack of festival bands that was curated by Bestival founder a Rob da Bank,


Airship37 has two distinct event spaces that allow the event professional to plan for two simultaneous events to take place if needed. “After some mingling and ogling of the two gorgeous cars parked in the middle of the room, (the Gooderham lounge at Airship37) we were taken to the Hangar space at Airship37 to attend a brief presentation by Jon Knoles, design director from Turn 10. Jon talked about Turn 10′s philosophy behind the Forza series: they want to turn car lovers into gamers, and gamers into car lovers.” Jorge Figueiredo

Venue: Airship37

Photos: Paul McNulty