There is a seamless consistent ethereal quality running through these wedding photographs. This carries through the location changes from the getting ready space right through the wedding arena. What was the preparation for this and how did you achieve it?

Josie and Joel did an amazing job of choosing their locations to suit their style, and I think they gravitated toward a bright and airy feel. When I am shooting a wedding  I am always looking for bright, beautiful lighting at every location so it’s a natural process of interpreting the lighting in the moment and remaining flexible while knowing how to work with lighting changes as well.  Airship37 was such a fun venue for me to shoot at because it definitely has a bright, open and airy feel to it with plenty of that natural lighting that I love!






airship37-toronto wedding- toronto wedding venue- rustic chic wedding.136

Each of the beautiful decor choices and design elements of this wedding are photographed individually much as you would approach pieces of art. This honors the efforts of crating the look of the wedding and also makes you view each item in its singular beauty. Was this approach planned or did it come together on the day of?

I approach all of the weddings in a very natural and ‘in the moment’ way, interpreting each moment and discovering each couples uniqueness throughout the day.   I LOVE details and beautiful decor and I really appreciate the time and effort that couples put into making their wedding an expression of themselves as a couple, and that comes through in the fine details.










If this wedding is a story what would you write as a teaser?

Take a peek into Josie and Joel’s fun and stylish wedding at Airship37 in Toronto!  This wedding, which had vintage decor elements, soft pastel colours, a giant flower wall made by the bride herself, and a silver camper on site, made for a unique and creative indie wedding feel.  It was a fun day filled with many sweet moments, from happy tears during ceremony, a stroll around the distillery district with the wedding party to taking photos with a street performer, this wedding will be sure to inspire couples who are planning their own fun, indie wedding in Toronto.





You captured so beautifully the dynamic style and fun energy of the wedding party. How did you bring out so much personality in your photography?

The photos with the wedding party in front of the silver bus happened very organically!  They were having a great time during cocktail hour when we returned from our shoot, so we took some more photos that they could have fun with.  It was a very natural interpretation of the moment and I think it captured a lot of personality as well!



You had some fun with the couple in the outdoor space of the venue and that comes through in the whimsical quality of the photographs. How do you see each couples’ personality come out in their wedding photos?

I definitely see a lot of personality in the photos as well!  I think such a fun venue requires some fun photos, especially when there is a silver bus available to shoot with :)  It added a creative element to the photos and an indie wedding feel to the day, so we definitely had a good time with that part of the shoot.  Throughout the day there were moments of happy tears as well as bursts of laughter, and I think those are the moments that people really connect with and can ‘feel’ when they are looking through photos.   The photo that stands out to me as capturing their personality best is the one in front of the flower wall where Joel is dancing and Josie is laughing – it is definitely one of my favourites!






What is your method for reaching a shared vision the desired outcome of the photography with the couple you are photographing?  

I take my inspiration from the couples that I work with, and since everyone has different personalities I think it’s important to get to know one another and develop a comfort level with each other so that everyone can be themselves and in the present moment.  That is what creates the space for spontaneity and creativity.  I also like to make sure that while I capture creative and stylish photos, that the overall feel of the day is present in the photos as well.








What is the balance between your commissioned work and your private photography projects, and how do they play off of each-other?

I like to shoot fashion, music and creative portraits, so I definitely bring those styles into my wedding photos.  Each wedding is different so I find that by shooting different styles of photography I am better able to play off the uniqueness of each wedding.




Through the wedding you managed to have several “photo booth: set ups that utilized the decor and the venue to their potential. How did you have such great success with this?

I love interesting backgrounds, colours and textures so Airship37, along with Josie’s hand made flower wall gave us a lot to work with!  I think by using the decor we were able to shoot some photos that had great design elements that work great if clients want to print their photos to display them artfully around their home.





The ceremony is captured is such a sweet storybook fashion that is translated so effectively. What was your secret to this?

It really was a sweet ceremony!  I think just being present and connected to the moment is important in capturing it more intimately.  I often find myself reacting to certain moments as if I was there as a guest myself, so I do feel that getting to know a couple and feeling that connection to their story is part of it.  These moments are what life is all about so I feel honoured to be there to capture it.








You utilized the adjacent distillery district for additional photography. This was such a nice addition and brought out the urban chic aspect of the location of the wedding. How was this planned out and how did you get these stunning moments captured?

The Distillery District is a beautiful location but it can also be very busy!  The best way to approach shooting in a location like that is to be flexible and open to possibilities – you never know when there might be a vendor booth or another wedding party in your favourite spot! On this day there was a market happening which made for some great candids of the wedding party walking through the area, and photos of Josie and Joel with a street performer which was completely unplanned!  There are opportunities everywhere when you are open to them.




Photographer : Magnolia Studios

Venue: Airship37