In Conversation with Love by Lynzie Events + Design about her process in creating an an Outrageously Fun, Non-Fussy, Memorable Wedding at Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding venue Toronto.

After first meeting Dian and Mark to discuss the planning and styling of their wedding at Berkeley Fieldhouse what were you most excited about?

Dian and Mark were a dream to work with because the trusted in my process and sought me out as their wedding planner because they really loved and connected with the “Love by Lynzie” style. I was really excited by their trust in me and the freedom to design a day for them without a ton of limitations.






The wedding had such a unique blend of colour palettes and styles.  How did you incorporate your design elements so successfully?

Thank you! For every masculine detail, we brought in an equal and opposite feminine detail so that the event really felt like a mixture of pieces from the couple’s closets. We also chose colours that could be successfully styled into a range of products like the florals, cigars, stationery and clothing. The metallics were inspired by the rich, amber hue of scotch, whereas the hot pinks and cranberries were inspired by lipstick shades. It was all about balance.




What would three words be that could describe this wedding?

Outrageously Fun (thats two!), Non-Fussy, Memorable



As a designer and planner you have to merge an inspired creative whimsical set of skills with a precise detailed appraach to planning. How do you manage these sides of the process? 

I make lists!!! Sometimes my mind races with creative ideas, so I just make huge lists of them until I decide what will actually be going into the design. From there I make supply lists and project lists, guest lists and packing lists. Seriously, my life is full of a million colour coded lists.


How critical was the choice of the venue Berkeley Fieldhouse to the design of the wedding?

The Berkeley Fieldhouse hit the sweet spot when it came to food, budget and capacity, so it was a no brainer for the wedding. We loved the options of the indoor and outdoor space, merged so seamlessly and it gave us exactly what we need to make the ideal wedding for Dian and Mark work. What we love most about the space though is that it truly is a blank canvas that can be adapted to any wedding design.







The Florals were a very unique collection of variety and the colour palette was very original. Did you work with a Pantone colour chart or what was the guideline for the colour choices? What did your drawing board look like? Did you have a previous working relationship with the Hoopla team?

Hoopla did the personal flowers and to keep on budget, my team did the centrepiece flowers with the bridal party as a massive DIY project. I love working with Shannon and Robin at Hoopla. They are not afraid of colour and bold blooms and this really attracts me to a florist. The colour palette was determined months before the wedding. With every client we design an event for, we put together an inspiration board complete with their colour scheme. When they approve it, we get going on dreaming up their design.






How present was the Kate Spade influence in designing the wedding and what of her design was referenced?

Off the top, it was pretty predominant with the bold stripes and hot pinks, but it became less predominant as time went on and we continued to add more rustic, raw details. Keeping a slight focus on the Kate Spade inspiration was the feminine part of the design but we didn’t want it to dictate the design.




Picture frames were used effectively and beautifully in the design of the wedding. They were used in several different ways and were also part of the take-away gift for the guests. Can you elaborate on this design element?

The takeaways were actually custom rolled cigars and handmade tassel bracelets. The bracelets were displayed in these frames. I love using frames in my designs because they immediately create such great negative space to highlight interesting wedding details. Plus, frames are easy on the budget!






From the blankets available for chilly guests to the custom scotch bar, the guests’ comfort and pleasure appeared to be a the top of the list. Was the guest experience high on the planning list?

Guest experience is one of the most important aspects of any wedding planned by Love by Lynzie Events + Design. We pride ourselves in giving wedding guests a seamless experience where their tastes, comforts and enjoyment are considered at every turn. This is something we discuss with every client, and something we firmly believe should be at the heart of planning any event.



A very lovely touch were the personalized hand painted plates at each setting. What sparked this idea and what impression did it have on the guests?

To be honest, I was obsessed with all of the awesome DIY sharpie mugs I was seeing on Pinterest and needed to find a great way to incorporate this into a wedding design. Guests loved it and were thoroughly impressed with the care and detail that went into hand writing each plate. They also served as great take home keepsakes from the wedding




There is a stripe motif running through the wedding with bold black and white wide style. What other design elements were dominant throughout the design?

Metallics, Warm Rich Red Colours in Fuscia, Cranberry, Burgundy, Sequins in Black and Gold, and Monochromatic details.




How closely did you work with Beet and Path on the beautiful invites?

Kendall from Beet and Path is my sister so we work really closely on a lot of projects every year. She is so creative and sometimes I am incredibly jealous of her talent. Usually, I send her the event inspiration board, a few key words and let her go to it. I try not to dictate her designs, because truth be told, what she comes up with is always better than what I would have come up with and it stuns me every time.



Sara Wilde photography captured the day beautifully. Were you happy with how the photography captured the spirit of the wedding?

Absolutely! Sara really captured the essence of Mark and Dian’s goofy, fun, take-charge personalities. I adore how she uses such saturated colour in her photography, how everything is crisp, yet filled with gorgeous natural light, and how she really makes her subjects look like they are having the absolute time of their lives. I find that her imagery is very joyful, and that is what a wedding should be!









Love by Lynzie Events + Design is also partnered with Electric Blonde, the band that played at the wedding. You could compare designing a wedding to choreographing a dance or conducting an orchestra where the various elements are critical to the whole. What were the pluses of also doing the music for the wedding?

I absolutely love designing weddings, but I also love singing, so I am very lucky to work in an industry where my two companies can co-exist and in most cases, compliment one another. Dian and Mark just wanted a really great party, and if Electric Blonde is known for one thing, its creating a great party. I love being able to affect both the aesthetic side of an event with the decor, but also the active side of an event with great music that keeps people dancing.





What did you do in this wedding planning and design that was a new experience for you?

For this wedding, making the plates was a new experience for us. I personally hand wrote all of them and loved spending the time perfecting my handwriting. It was a blast and have since done so much calligraphy for other clients!


Photography: Sara Wilde

Event Planning and Design: Love by Lynzie Events + Design 
Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse
Bouquets and Bouts: Hoopla Event Design + Styling
Stationery: Beet and Path
Band: Electric Blonde
Scotch Bar: The Macallan
Hair and Makeup: Fancy Face Inc.
Cake and Cake Pops: Le Dolci
Linens: Linen Closet

Catering: Berkeley Catering