Dempsters was at Airship37 to shoot a commercial for their new Garden Vegetable bread.

The bread has a cool slogan, “love your veggies love your bread.”

airship37- event venue-toronto event space- media event-filmshoot-airship37

airship37- toronto event space- toronto media launch- product launch

Seeing a commercial shoot from beginning to end makes you appreciate all the nuances and choices that go into a seamless television ad.

airship37- toronto event space- media event-filmshoot-airship37

The magic of a highly skilled film crew was highlighted as they created crisp exact shots with their collective abilities.

airship37- toronto event space- media event-filmshoot-airship37- toronto

airship37- toronto event space- media event

The tagline for their product “wholesome and authentic ingredients you know you can pronounce!” was reflected in the clever script of the commercial.

airship37- toronto event space- media event-toronto launch-filmshoot-airship37

Airship37 provides a convienient location for shoots big and small.  The air conditioned classic coach is a nice feature to chill out in on breaks or set up your production headquarters.

Venue: Airship37

pictures by Paul McNulty