You capture the changing light of Airship37 so beautifully and specifically in the Gooderham Lounge during the cocktail reception. How did you prepare for all the different lighting situations in the venue?


When entering any room, my thoughts are, how can I capture the integrity and ambiance of the room, but still make my subjects look their best? When shooting cocktail hour, I used a little bit of flash to eliminate faces, but I didn’t want it to be too bright, to make the room look different from how it really looked.

It would be a lie to make it look too bright; it wouldn’t be authentic.

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You captured the beauty of the day in your pictures of Caroline and Gregory. There is an ease and candid quality to these pictures. What are some of the techniques you employ to achieve this success?

Our ultimate goal is to capture couple’s personalities, the real chemistry between them.

Most of the day we prefer the “fly on the wall” approach. We love it when couples say “oh we didn’t even notice you were there during that moment”. This is best. When people aren’t aware they are being photographed, they aren’t hiding any emotions, and they are not thinking of wherever or not they should look at the camera. They are just there, present, in the moment, laughing, and chatting.

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The wedding party shots have a great range of emotion from fun and playful to classic formal portraits. How do you direct these shoots?

We usually start with a classic, timeless portrait of everyone and then we get creative, and try to make everyone smile and laugh genuinely for a more relaxed look. It helps to have “a prop” to use. Some of my favorite photos were taken in front of your signature airstream bus.

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The wedding decor and styling was modern warm and stylish. Your photography worked effectively to capture this beautiful work while at the same time showing the raw loft style charm of the venue. How did you balance these?

We always try to include photos showcasing the venue. The couple chose it,  which means they love it. I often ask my couples during meetings “how did you choose your venue”? “what do you like about that?” I would try to keep their answers in mind when the wedding day comes around. For e.g., if they noted the gorgeous chandelier in the Gooderham Lounge, I would make sure to include it in more than one photo. As for decor, we try to photograph everything that the couple spends time and money on!

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The wedding ceremony was set up in an intimate circular formation with the vows in the center. Photographing this ceremony and getting the beautiful range of perspectives as well as capturing the key moments required a skilled strategy. How did you prepare for this and what were some of the other elements that contributed to your success?

It was such a fun set up, but I had some maneuvering to do. I couldn’t be outside the circle and capture the key moments, especially when the guests were standing. So, I found a good seat in the circle for the “walking down the aisle” part and was moving around once everyone was seated.

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What advice would you give a wedding couple in selecting which elements to include in their wedding day portfolio ?

I’d advise having the whole day documented from start to finish. Some might think that “getting ready” portion is not “as important” as say, ceremony, but it is a part of the day just as much! Moreover,it’s not all about just having a photo of your dress or your girlfriends “zipping it up”. Anything can happen! Like your mom tearing up and giving you the most beautiful hug ever, or your dad seeing his girl in a dress for the first time. All those things are meaningful and priceless. So, be present and don’t worry about “the shots you HAVE to get”.

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You are also a lifestyle photographer. What are you drawn to photograph and what inspires and peaks your curiosity?

I won’t be original: but I’d say it is connections between people and their emotions. The in between, the everyday interactions and the love they share with one another!

airship37-modern wedding - wedding venue

What do you think was the key to the success of this wedding and how did you highlight it in your photos?

The fact that Caroline and Greg were able to me in the moment with their friends and family. Their laid back attitude and not letting the crazy hail we got on that day dampen their spirits. We weren’t able to do their photos around the distillery as planned, but the Airship 37 grounds served as a perfect backdrop once all the hail stopped and were could go outside for a few minutes

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What are the qualities you feel a photographer must have to be able to capture the essence of a wedding day?

Observance, I’d say. I am not a loud person, I mean, I direct people for portraits when needed, but I love to be “unnoticed” in the corner, taking photos when no one knows I am doing it. So I’d saythe ability to be present in the moment is important. The ability to let go and not be too caught up in the “must haves” and the ability to see what is happening and where and capture it at exactly the right moment.

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You chose to take pictures behind the scenes, images like the couple walking through the snow to the wedding reception and the planners setting up the space in the hangar. These photographs become special in that they show all the little moments of the day be revealed in its totality. What is your philosophy of including these moments?


I like that you pointed it out. That’s what i meant when I talked about documenting the whole day earlier. The crazy hail/snow started and we had to run to find shelter. It’s crazy, but it’s part of the day! I think it’s cool to look back at those photos, maybe not the prettiest, and to remember how special the day was.

As for the setting up, those were Caroline’s girlfriends helping her, so she requested to have photos of them helping. I love that she did.

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If you had to chose one picture from this wedding that exemplified the experience what would it be and what makes this picture so communicative?

I really love this photo of them, during one of the speeches. They are happy, they are in the moment, and they are surrounded by friends and family. I know they loved this image, and I think it’sbecause it reminds them of what they felt during that moment.

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There are beautiful, relaxed candid pictures of each of the guests at the wedding reception. Was this something that was important to the couple to have this complete collection?

Yes, Caroline and Greg asked me to try to capture everyone if possible. Some photos are very candid, as some guests look at the camera.

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There is a unique vintage quality to the pictures you took that allude to an older stylistic processing technique.

To be honest, photos are edited in line with my style. We shoot film + digital and try to achieve a cohesive look throughout. So, our goal when editing is to make our digitals look like film. As it is timeless, I think, and timeless never goes out of style. 🙂

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