Lucas T Photography in conversation on capturing the real moments which help reflect the day’s authenticity at A Romantic Modern Airship37 Wedding venue Toronto.

This wedding photography of Breanna and Rob has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it while still being highly stylized and romantic. How did they achieve this while capturing the essence of the day in your photographs?

The venue itself has a very minimalistic feel to it which really gives the decor a chance to come alive and have a life of its own. When I first came into the room the radiant colours and soft candles gave a feeling of love and warmth. It was a pleasure to shoot within it.

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What was your main aspiration for the photography of this wedding day?

We approach every wedding differently. For this particular one we knew we would be working in one of Toronto’s heritage districts and so we wanted to represent that as much as possible in the photos.

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Bisous Events beautifully styled Airship37 with shimmering lights and romantic candlelight combined with the natural light of the venue. How did you technically consider all these elements to get such detailed beautiful pictures?

As much as we think natural light is the best kind of light, there are numerous lighting factors that come into play at weddings.  I always bring my own lighting equipment and use it to best compliment the mood and scene at hand.

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You captured some beautiful wedding portraits that fully utilize the unique aspects of the day, what do you attribute to your success?

Having shot the number of weddings we have in the course of our career, we like to think we have achieved a sort of sixth-sense towards knowing how to not only technically achieve the shot but also to anticipate it.

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The stunning photographs of the wedding details and decor do justice to all the careful planning of the day. Is this something that is a priority for you to document on a wedding day?

Details, details, details. Going into a wedding, we know exactly what brides like and those just happen to be some of the shots that really help to paint their story.

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In photographing the wedding guests and family and wedding couple what are you hoping to capture?

Like most of our work, we like to capture real moments which help reflect the day’s authenticity.

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When you first saw these pictures and looked at them what made you feel the happiest?

I love it when a wedding seems perfectly put together. From the getting ready portion of the day till the late night dancing, you can really see how all the talented vendors have contributed to this success of such an event.

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How did you chose to have the audio from the wedding ceremony be the overlaying sound track  for the video. It worked out beautifully as a means of connecting all the parts.

Audio is such a key component for any wedding video and one of the most rewarding parts of editing a wedding, for us, is to go through all the footage and find the moments where the story of the couple comes through. For Breanna and Rob, this was their ceremony. We thought the wedding officiant really encompassed the feeling of the day and that his speech would really resonate.

How do you communicate with your wedding couples to arrive at a final film you both love.

Once we’re done what we consider to be our final edit, we upload it online to a private gallery for the couple to view and then we work back and forth. We think it’s so so important for the couple to give their input on the video – so that’s why we don’t have a cap on edits or changes. It’s their big day, not ours and we want them to be happy 🙂
We also talk to the couple in advance to talk about music choices and must haves for the video so that we’re all on the same page.
Being both still photographers and videographers that make up Lucas and Tay Photography how do these two disciplines work together?
Working with each other is always so great. we really know each others shooting style which means that we don’t get in each other’s way and we have really good chemistry. We always joke that we don’t even need to talk anymore, one look and we know what the other person is thinking.  Weddings can be stressful but when you have a photography/ cinematography team, it really alleviates a lot of stress and makes the day flow better. When we’re relaxed, the couple relaxes, too.
What’s also neat about having a team is that our style match, or, in other words, your photos and video will have a similar feel and tell the same story.
As a modern industrial venue Airship37 is often used for commercial shoots what were the advantages to shooting a video in this space?
Firstly, the space is absolutely stunning and the simplicity of the walls really makes the decor and subjects pop. This is really great for video as busy backgrounds really take away from what we’re trying to shoot. The staff are also AMAZING to work with and really understand how shooting works. This makes the day flow so much better. 
You have to be ready capturing a wedding day to be agile and pick up and adjust to all the varying environments and details of the day. What training and experience have you drawn on the create successful films?
I always like to imagine myself as a ninja when shooting weddings. I also joke that being short actually helps me out as I can squeeze into little nooks  to get the best angles.
I’ve been shooting both commercials and weddings for about 7 years now and the experience of both have really learnt to the trade. Every wedding is different, but I think that the combination of planned shots on commercial shoots where framing is key, mixed with the swiftness and speed of wedding shots have really made our shooting style unique.
What art, film, literature has influenced your style the most in your profession?
I’m a huge fan of documentaries and I think the doc-Esque style has carried over to my wedding films. I like to keep things natural and be like a fly on the wall. I think that less is more and that having the story of the couple and the feel of the day shine through is more important than the glitz and glam of a high end production.
How do you find people react differently to being filmed than photographed and what are some of the techniques you employ to capture a natural experience?
I think that people are really used to looking at a camera, freezing for a moment and then carrying on. Photography is so much more natural to most people compared to video and this can be an issue. Couples obviously don’t want shots of people staring at the camera or shying away.
 That’s why we like to be a fly on the wall and really work around the photographer. Being  in the background really allows to capture the candid moments of the day without people even noticing that we’re there. We like to think that we’re video ninjas.
What elements of  Breanna and Robs wedding day were you excited to capture on video?
Breanna and Rob put a lot of details into their wedding, but what we were really excited to capture was the chemistry between them. They have such a natural and contagious love between them that we couldn’t resist. From the funny face making, to the dance moves and jokes, there were so many amazing candid moments.
Being the filmmaker and the editor has its advantages in that you are directing and reacting with the final product in mind. Did you always do all the stages yourself or did you evolve into the multiple roles?
I’ve always been involved in the whole process and I think that it’s so important to both shoot and edit the wedding. For me, having the story and feeling of the day come across is the most important thing, and I think that if you weren’t there to experience it, the edit won’t truly get that across.
What personal film and video project do you have on the go that you are excited about?
I’m filming a bunch of exciting commercials for the tech company that I work for (Flipp) and will be travelling to Hong Kong to shoot! I’m also working on a short film about Mall Walkers and Cat Wedding that I’m excited to finish.
What is on your book shelve that inspires your work?
 I’m actually currently re-reading The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is such a wonderful story that both reminds me and challenges me to remember the importance of imagination and creativity.
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