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Right from the entranceway to the modern Airship37 space, guests were invited to experience the playful and romantic spirit of the bride and groom with the fun and creative wedding posters.

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Airship37 has an urban outdoor garden with a patio, a retro vintage bus and rustic garden.

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The bright open space of Airship37 was the setting for this joyous wedding ceremony. The wedding alter had a modern romantic style with lovely bold beautiful floral accents.



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The wedding had a signature cocktail highlighted with some lovely hand crafted signage. The cocktail was dark and stormy while the mocktail was a virgin mojito.

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The wedding decor details customized the wedding and added a level of personalization that made the wedding a truly unique and memorable experience for the guests.

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“The bar marquee letters and edison bulb backdrop mad a super fun appearance at this lovely wedding.” Laura Olsen.

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Pretty settings of vintage detailed vases and fresh pretty blooms combined with the natural light pouring in created a lovely romantic atmosphere.

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Venue : Airship37

Photography: Paul McNulty

Flowers: The Rose Mint

Styling and Calligraphy : Laura Olsen Events

Event Planning : Laura Olaen Events