In a testimonial of her experience the bride Brianna had this nice passage to say about you. “She had great ideas and suggestions, taking into account my own personal style, while making recommendations based on her experience what would look best and function best for our day.” What experiences in your professional development do you feel equipped you to be able to be so successful at your job? 

Customer service and problem solving have been very important in previous positions I have held. I often use these skills throughout the wedding planning process and especially on the day-of. With every client and every wedding, I always get to meet new vendors and experience new situations that build my professional development.

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What was your favourite part of the prepartion of this wedding? 

Like all the weddings I am brought onto, I really loved working with my clients to incorporate their personal style into their wedding. Breanna absolutely loves winter and they are such an easy-going couple, we made sure the emphasis was on fun and ease with wintery accents.

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You had a natural ease and comfort with the wedding couple as well as the wedding party and guests. How important is this ability to be at ease with all the various parties involved in a wedding as well as keep your cool when the event start in motion? 

Every wedding planner has their own personality and work style with their clients but I tend to be a little more casual with mine. I like to really get to know my couple and with this couple in particular, we really connected and it definitely was a lot of fun to be apart of this wedding. I definitely consider myself to be a people person, which helps in this line of business. Obviously, it is important to balance professionalism and level of ease.

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When first approaching the venue Airship37 what attributes of the space struck you that could be utilized in the design of the wedding? 

My favourite spaces are those that allow a blank palette so you can really transform the space every time. I loved that it was industrial with natural light, white textured walls and antique chandeliers, also that it is located so centrally in one of the best areas of Toronto, The Distillery District. It also helps there are 2 rooms so you can do the ceremony and dinner in 1 room but move the guests into the other room while the transformation happens.

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Which element of the wedding design and planning were you most excited to see on the big day? 

I really loved the lighting on the ceiling and the draped wall. Lighting makes a huge difference in a space.

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If you had to summarize the design of this wedding how would you describe it?

Wintery whimsy.

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What was your vision for the florals and how was Ecostems an ideal fit for this wedding?

 I was brought onto the wedding after the florist but I really do love that they use eco-friendly florals that are locally grown. Their aesethics go very well with mine so I think it was a great fit. I was there for the floral mock-up meeting with the bride and definitely gave some input on what could give the arrangements a little more “glam” while staying true to the relaxed style so we switched up the vases and added more whites and grey tones for that icy effect. The variety of bud vases and blooms looked beautiful.

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airship37- toronto wedding - wedding flowers

What part of your profession came very naturally to you and what has surprised you about your job? 

Although I went to University to study something entirely opposite of wedding and event planning, I think along the way the skills I picked up along with my personality really help my position. I love working in social settings, getting creative and inspired by the vendors and clients I work with. I was nervous getting into the industry but was surprised about how I felt like fish in water.

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Your job required a vast body of knowledge about all aspects of the event business and overlaps into design professions and owning your own business marketing as well. How do you continue to grow as well as keep in touch with the pulse of the various industries?

I love learning so I’m always attending classes, brainstorming with other, meeting new vendors and checking out their work of others online. With each new client, I meet so many people and work in new venues which keeps me on my feet.

Breanna also say “She organized vendors who I wouldn’t have thought of using or likely would not have found. How do you find your vendors and what are you looking for that make some stand out in your mind?

 I am constantly networking with vendors either in person or through social media to see their work. I gravitate towards certain vendors that compliment my style since the clients that come to me like my work they have seen so far, I want to make sure the vendors I refer reflect that. Another thing that is crucial is I like to get to know the vendors and see them working; if their work is beautiful but their service is lacking, I tend to stay away from those people and constantly refer those I know I can trust sending my clients to.

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Where are your go to places for inspiration when you are designing a wedding with a client? 

Usually I start with a colour palette if they haven’t come to me with a theme. After taking a look at the venue, I like to pull their favourite colour that would compliment the space then I ask them 3 words how they would describe their dream wedding and go from there.

How do you communicate with your client to arrive at a joint vision that is in synch? 

I usually start small and then I like to see visuals of their what they envision and play off of that. It’s a constant communication with the couple to make sure the vision is cohesive. 

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What are some of the first pieces of advice you offer your wedding couples from the beginning? 

Making sure they stick to their vision. Of course, things will change along the way but to have a clear idea so that they don’t get overwhelmed, they stay on track and on budget. 


The twinkling lights strung up from the ceiling and sparkling out from the venue backdrop combined with the soft candlelight created a shimmering elegant setting. How did you arrive at this design and how did you get it just right? 

Nothing adds a sense of whimsy and romanticism like twinkling lights. I really wanted ceiling lights and they really wanted a backdrop so we compromised by getting both! The key was not to string too many which would make the space too bright for a candlelit dinner. To ensure there wasn’t too much glare in photos with the backdrop right behind the head table, the draped wall was perfect with the sheer fabric to create a softened glow. 

airship37- toronto wedding venue- wedding decor

If this wedding was a film what would the title of the film be?

 It would be an instructional film “How to Perfectly Plan Your Wedding while Staying Sane & Having A Ton of Fun” by Bisous Events ft. Breanna and Rob. 

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Venue: Airship37

Toronto Event &Wedding Planner Bisous Events

Florals : Ecostems

Signage Love- Lettering

Photography : Branded By Hand
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