Berkeley Events has opened a lovely new venue La Maquette on King street east. The venue is a perfect confluence of modern stylish decor mixed with elegant classic details.

la maquette- new venue-toronto venue- toronto events copy

la maquette- new venue- king street east

The elegant modern interior fills with daylight and in the evening lights up this beautiful historical location.

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la maquette restaurant- berkeley events- toronto events

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The events space is the perfect setting for private parties, Toronto weddings and unique celebrations.


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The historical setting has large vintage windows that overlook the beautiful urban oasis at the sculpture garden.

la maquette restaurant- berkeley events-king streer event

sculpture garden- la maquette- toronto events- berkeley events

la maquette sculpture garden

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The fountain at the sculpture garden provides a beautiful soundtrack when your guests are sitting on the patio at La Maquettte.
la maquette restaurant- berkeley events- toronto
la maquette restaurant- berkeley events

La Maquette is situated right across the street from The Cathedral Church of St James.

la maquette- berkeley events- new venue- toronto events

la maquette restaurant- berkeley events-toronto space

La Maquette Restaurant and Event Space