Drink Inc. with NAC launched a social evening celebrating independent breweries, great food and the spirit of the Cinco De Mayo celebration. NAC (North American Craft) is a Beer Agency that supports local, Craft and Out of Province Independent Breweries. Their job is to get great beer into the consumers’ hands and that is what we are doing at the NAC Beer Experience. NAC works with Independent Breweries across Canada and the United States.

airship37 - toronto beer events

Airship37 the modern industrial venue is nestled is a unique sapce steps from the distillery district in downtown Toronto. The Gooderham Lounge maintains its historical underpinning while offering a bright open space.

airship37 - toronto modern space- toronto events

airship37 - modern space- toronto events

airship37 - toronto beer event- distillery ditrict

The Hangar space at Airship37 is a bright airy space with high ceiling and natural light pouring in the industrial windows. The breweries had the opportunity to reveal their best brews and chat amiably with the mingling beer lovers.

airship37- toronto social events - toronto venue

toronto event venue- airship37- independent beer

airship37- toronto venue- toronto social event

airship37- toronto event- breweries

Berkeley Catering created a beer pairing menu that included some fresh signature dishes.

berkeley catering- toronto catering- toronto event sapce- airship37

Independent breweries are making a name for themselves in the field of graphic design as their branding is unique and visually compelling.

airship37 - toronto events space- toronto social events

airship37 - toronto beer - toronto event space

toronto events- airship37- toronto event space

airship37 - independent beer- beer festival

The urban outdoor space at Airship37 gives guest room to roam, absorb the downtown Toronto urban setting and catch a light spring breeze. A coveted spot is a seat aboard the vintage bus.

airship37- toronto event sapce- urban outdoor space

Musically, guest were treated to a line up of auditory treats, starting with a lone guitar solosist who was spontaneously joined by a member of the mariachi band.

airship37 - live entertainment- toronto venue

airship37 - toronto venue- urban venue

airship37- toronto entertainment- toronto event space

airship37 - distillery district - toronto events

airship37 - toronto events- toronto event venue

The event gives beer lovers more knowledge to work with as all things craft beer are explored. Participants  discover new beers, expand their knowledge of the vocabulary and range of experiences that go into crafting a beer.

airship37 - toronto event space- events in toronto

Guests appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each unique brew as they can talk with the breweries.

airship37- independent beer- toronto events

Ultimately Craft beer becomes a platform for good conversation and a fun night out.

airship37- toronto event space- independent breweries

Venue: Airship37

Catering : Berkeley Catering

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