Drink Inc Events presented Hoppy Holidays, a festive holiday celebration that brought craft beer lovers together with live music for the sampling and sipping of Independent beer labels signature brews at Berkeley Church event venue Toronto.

Hoppy Holidays Beer Experience is complete with seasonal brews, one-off creations, and yuletide beer cocktails. Bring your co-workers, bring your friends, or get your family together and bring them to the Berkeley church for some of the best craft beers on the planet.

The event introduced a new Drink Inc. Beer event on deck for those looking for something different! Ontario’s first ever Fresh Hop Fest!

The Berkeley Church was the perfect location for this event.  The main floor features a grand ballroom with fireplaces and a Victorian inspired bar. Overlooking the main space is a classically beautiful mezzanine, featuring 17ft high stained glass windows.

Childhood friends and long-time cider makers, Chris Noll and Adam Gerrits are the founders of Brickworks Ciderhouse. “Always putting quality and the environment first, Brickworks Ciderhouse prides itself in providing local, small-batch, premium craft ciders.” http://theciderhouse.ca/our-story/

Amsterdam Brewery had its Boneshaker brew available ” It started as an experiment that asked the question: “Exactly how many hops could fit in a beer?” Well, the brewers at Amsterdam answered that question so well that Boneshaker IPA graduated to the brewery’s line-up of always available favourites. And the beer that answered that question so admirably? An unfiltered IPA born from a continuous hopping method that blends Amarillo hops with seven different malts to produce a large hop character not for the faint of heart.” Amsterdam Brewery.

Nikel Brook was on site with its ever evolving brewing methods.”In 2016, we transformed our original Burlington brewery into the Funk Lab, a facility dedicated solely to small-batch funk and sour beers. Our brewers combine all-natural ingredients, innovative new recipes and a depth of technical expertise to create amazing craft beer, A Miracle of Science!” https://nickelbrook.com

“High Park Brewery was established in Toronto, Canada by John, Dan, Ted and Jeff (above from left); four long time hockey buddies and craft beer lovers, with amazing support from wives, kids, friends and teammates.  It all  started one summer after a game of golf when Dan said to no one in particular: “Johnny and I are planning to start a craft brewery”.  To which Ted replied “so am I! let’s do this together!”  The conversation continued at a local restaurant on Roncy later that evening. Jeff was excited and also joined in, and after literally thousands of hours of planning (and some considerable amount of beer tasting) High Park Brewery was formed.”  http://highparkbrewery.wixsite.com

Oast House Brewers Craft brewery Niagara’s premium craft brewery with a focus on Farmhouse-style brews brought a selection of their best brews and talked about their big red barns and tours at their brewery.

“Larry and Matt, an uncle-nephew duo  are proud to call Pint Pursuits our brainchild. They strive to put a unique spin on traditional beer styles. Styles of today came into existence because brewers decided to stray from the norm while crafting their brews. At Pint Pursuits, we salute that, and work hard to make our own mark on the craft beer world by offering beers that step outside of contemporary methods and guidelines. What you can expect is a pint that pays homage to its roots, while bringing new and exciting traits to the table.” https://www.pintpursuits.com

Guests had a chance to discover Havana Club, “the authentic Cuban rum perfect for Mojito and Daiquiri cocktails. Discover our rums, cocktails recipes and learn about the heritage of the brand.” havana-club.ca/

Walter Cesear mix was on site conversing about the products versatility and unique qualities. “Proudly crafted in small batches here in Canada, our premium Caesar mix is made using vine-ripened tomatoes, grated horseradish, Worchestershire and hot sauce, select spices, and real clam juice from the North Atlantic. In fact, Walter is proud to be Canada’s first Ocean Wise™ recommended Caesar Mix.” http://waltercaesar.com/about/

Goose Island produces a number of beers that are available year-round, as well as some beers that are seasonal. At different times in the past, the brewery has produced dozens of other beers.

In June 2014  Shiny Apple Cider was launched and in March 2017 they released our reserve label, Big Ideas. The property is now 27 acres and has 11 grape varieties under vine. https://www.shinyapplecider.com

Live music, good conversation and the chance to sample your seasonal choice for your holiday brew made for a fun night out.



FRESH HOP FEST Presented by Sobeys Urban Fresh November 15th 2018 at 1871 Berkeley Church 6pm-10pm

Drink Ince “Drink Inc. is deepening the connection between our local hop farmers and our local breweries in order to bring you something new! If you consider yourself a sophisticated beer lover who appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating unique brews, this experience is for you!  Drink Inc. presents Ontario’s first Wet Hop beer experience! The 2nd annual Fresh Hop Fest offers beer lovers an evening of great “specialty” wet hop beers as well as live entertainment, and delicious food. Each brewery will feature a specialty beer made from this year’s local “fresh” hop farm harvests. What’s so special about wet hop beers you ask? Most beers are brewed using dry hops that have been imported from all across North America and other countries around the world. This event features beers brewed with locally grown Ontario hops!”drinking.ca

Berkeley Church

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