Ashely shares her wedding story at Airship37  wedding venue Toronto. She also shares how she and Frankie arrived at a common vision because they let each other add little elements of their personalities throughout the planning and had fun with it.

What role does curiosity play in choosing a venue like Airship37?

We got pretty lucky because we only went to look at Berkeley venues during our wedding venue hunt and then found the perfect spot with Airship37. It was the 3rd and final venue we looked at and the minute we walked in we just knew! We were filled with excitement and that giddiness you get when you imagine your wedding day. The fact that there were two unique rooms just for our guests, an outdoor space, the fun airstream and it being located in downtown Toronto – made it the perfect venue for us.

Your wedding reflects your unique style as a couple. How did you arrive at a shared vision?

Frankie loves to host and I love weddings, so we truly just had fun planning. We had our favourite people in one room, celebrating love and that’s what mattered the most to us. Frankie knew how much I loved meeting with our florists, Patchouli Design, discussing the pretty flowers and creating the vision for our wedding and he let me just take the lead on those decisions. I know how much Frankie loves food, so he picked most of what was served and with his last name being Lasagna, we knew we wanted a lasagna food truck to show up for our late night Italian snack. It was pretty easy to arrive at a shared vision because we just let each other add little elements of our personalities throughout the planning and had fun with it. Also, the DJ was what was most important to both of us because we wanted everyone to enjoy & dance the night away, in the end we just hoped it would be a fun party for our loved ones!

Which part of your wedding did you most fall in love with?

That’s such a hard question because we loved so much! I remember looking around and just feeling so happy about all the decor, the marble vinyl on the bar by Event Graphity, the flowers by patchouli, the marble inspired cake by the bake shoppe – everything just came together better than I ever imagined. That was a beautiful moment, to look around during dinner and see the people you love in this beautiful space, just having a good time. We really felt the love.  Also the ceremony, seeing Frankie for the first time that day when I was walking down the aisle towards him… loved that moment!


How did you build a dialogue with your photographer to get your wedding story in sync with their style and technique?

Our photographer Mario from Avangard Photography told us when we first met him that he believed in “photo journalism” … So just capturing the day as it unfolded without interrupting much and telling the real story of our wedding through photos. He made it clear that if we wanted something with a bit more posing, it might not be the best fit. However, because our ceremony and reception were both at Airship37, with little time between for photo ops, we knew that was exactly what we wanted and that it would fit perfectly with our day.  It almost felt like he wasn’t there at times, which was really nice because he let us truly enjoy every moment with each other and really enjoy the night with our loved ones. When we looked at the photos together, we were so happy to see how Mario told the story of our wedding day and captured the moments we had hoped were captured. He let it all happen naturally which was perfect for us and our personalities.

What art, photography and fashion inspirations did you draw into your wedding day?

Throughout our engagement I saved SO many photos from weddings I admired, usually from Pinterest. We were mostly inspired by elegant, natural and simple photography. I love the fashion world and had so much fun picking out my dress and Frankie loved designing his suit. I was really lucky when it came to my dress, because my sister knew the amazing designer Rita Vinieris from Rivini and she really inspired my look for our wedding day. Rita made the whole process so easy and memorable for me.

Your wedding was beautiful, fresh and fun. What do you attribute this to?

Thank you! That’s so sweet.

We attribute this to our family and friends, our amazing vendors and the Airship37 team. Everyone really blew us away with their love that day. (And of course I attribute this to my husband Frankie who as always kept me (and everyone else) laughing that day, especially with his speech. Good job babe!)

Starting at the very beginning what were some really effective choices you made in planning your wedding that really worked out?

We just had a lot of confidence in our vendors right when we met and picked them (we tried to book everyone as early in advance as possible) The Airship37 team, Patchouli Design, our officiant Rinette from enduring promises, DJ Julio, the Bake Shoppe, the I Love Lasagna Food Truck, Mario from Avangard, our good friend Rob from Grafiti Design, our wedding planner Sarah Smith, everyone just made us feel like they had it all under control. From our first meeting, to the ones in between, we were lucky to build a great relationship with our vendors. When you pick the right team for the day, you can just enjoy the day. I’m not even sure if anything went wrong at some point lol because everyone just held it together and made the day seem perfect for us!

How did you use your creativity and imagination in beginning to envision your wedding design?

I actually had so much fun with imagining the wedding design. From Pinterest boards to Instagram, I would save my favourite ideas and show them to the vendors. Once I had my wedding dress and knew my beautiful bridesmaids would be in black and Frankie and his guys in tuxedos, it was easier to imagine how the rest of the night would look. I just imagined something pretty, romantic and simple.

What was on your playlist and how did it build the energy at your wedding?

We really loved our DJ, DJ Julio, he really built the energy at our wedding! He met with us a few times before the wedding and asked us for some of our favourite songs and just really understood us with the songs he then added. We just chose anything we had danced too with family and friends over the years. I’m Portuguese, so Frankie asked that we play some Portuguese music for my family and he really loves Latin music, so that made the list too. I requested some Drake and oldies … We danced all night long, we were so grateful for DJ Julio and our family and friends, they were so fun and made our night.

Your wedding had beautiful greenery and foliage. How did you arrive at this design?

This is all thanks to Patchouli Design. I had come across them on Instagram and when I saw this floating arbor they had done in the past, I hoped they could do it for us. Once we meet, I sent them my favourite photos/vision and they sent me their ideas (they had added a bit more greenery and white flowers to our arbor) and it was all perfect. I loved the idea of having garland, white flowers and lots of candles and Patchouli just made it all happen! From the ceremony to the reception, they killed it! SO grateful for them.

Your wedding reception in the outdoor urban space had a whimsical fun romantic feeling to it. What made this happen?

Airship37 just has such a fun outdoor space, it’s one of the things we really fell in love with. The string lights and the Airstream really make it romantic and fun. Also, the Lasagna Food truck that showed up for our late night snack, worked perfectly in the outdoor space, because it was able to just pull right into the back. I love everything about Airship37, thanks SO much to the entire team! We are forever grateful!

Patchouli Design

 I Love Lasagna Food Truck