Workopolis Inc. made the bold move of kicking off the new year with a work party at Airship37 Toronto event space.

Cocktails were served in the stylish industrial modern Gooderham Lounge from the vintage style bar with the Parisian inspired chandeliers. The space has an interesting modern eclectic vibe.

There was a mixologist to create special signature drinks in the elegant theme of the event.

Guests put a fun spin on the formal dress-up party. Bob style white wigs and penguin costumes interspersed with tuxedos and the classic black dress.

Guests could flow freely into the adjoining Hangar space with its minimal and stylish modern aesthetic.

The party was a clear signal that play, innovation and collaboration was going to be a priority for the company in the coming year.

Getting the party on everyone’s calendar after the busy holiday season rush was a great idea.

Berkeley Catering served a buffet style meal with its fresh delightful, locally sourced menu.


Berkeley Catering