Photographer Bryan Reid in conversation about his technique, insights and style shooting a beautiful Toronto Wedding at La Maquette wedding venue Toronto.

What are some of the best things about living in Peterborough as a photographer?

The best thing about living in Peterborough as a photographer is having quick & easy access to the outdoors.

You can drive 10 min and be in nature which is where I usually prefer to do my shoots.  Peterborough is also a historic city with lots of interesting architecture to work with.

How do you approach your couples to come up with a shared vision of a wedding day?

Usually by meeting and chatting about their expectations and hopes for the day.  I like to think that I’m mostly booked based on the work that couples have seen already, so with an idea of my style, and then meeting and building a rapport with clients we can come together with a shared vision.

How would you describe this La Maquette wedding?

This wedding (Kris & Chris) was really fun.  It was filled with so much love & laughter.  Sounds a bit clique to say that, but it’s true.

What about this downtown Toronto location appealed to you as a photographer?

Being from Ptbo it’s always awesome to come to Toronto to shoot.  It’s a different atmosphere that I don’t get to shoot in as often.  La Maquette as a venue is amazing too with the courtyard, and close proximity to a park (can’t remember the name of it)

What picture do you feel most captures the feeling of the day?

There are two for me that capture it perfectly.  One is when Kris & Chris are walking back down the isle and everyone is throwing flowers – it’s such a fun moment to capture, and you can see the genuine excitement on their faces. The other is the ‘father-daughter’ dance between Kris & her Dad.  So sweet.

As a practicing commercial photographer and wedding photographer how does each practice augment the other?

I would say that each practice compliments each other.  Wedding photography has taught me to shoot quickly and capture real moments as they happen, which is valuable when shooting lifestyle (commercial) photography where the aim is to make it “look real” … I try to work with models in such a way where I am actually often capturing real candid moments.  On the other side of that, shooting fashion, lifestyle & commercial work has helped me hone my eye for eye for aesthetics & composition.

Your pictures have a perfect blend of the organic feel of the wedding day with a curated eye. How did you find this balance?

Thank you for saying so!!   Hmm by accident?  just kidding…but it’s a difficult thing to pin down.  I’m always shooting at weddings, I almost never stop.  I want to capture real moments as much as possible.  At the end of the day, when I start to go through the photos, my process has always been quality over quantity.  Only the best of the best make the cut.  So culling & curation has always been important to me.  I’m trying to tell a story through photos.  Every good book needs to be edited!  🙂   (Hope that all makes sense!!)  Lol.

Your photography has a cinematic quality to it, you title some of your portrait work “looks like film”. Where do you get your inspiration for your cinematic look?

“Looks like Film” is a website (as well as facebook group / instagram account etc)  – I usually hashtag my photos with it to be grouped with that aesthetic.   I’ve always loved the cinematic look.  It just feels more magical & dreamy.  I love my photos to be almost surreal without being overtly “edited” … though that said, I love making weird photos that are clearly “out-there” … I just try to do as much as possible IN CAMERA as I can.  Almost none of my photos are brought into photoshop.  I use Lightroom to edit and tweak things, but no major PS work is being done.

You do what could be termed “stylized adventure shoots” where you achieve a balance of fun with a sophisticated editorial look. What inspires you to do these shoots and how do you bring these experiences to a wedding day shoot?

I’ve worked full time for 13 years for three independent clothing stores in Peterborough (Flavour, Plush Boutique & Save Our Soles) — Being part of that team, surrounded by fashion, having amazing resources for styling and inspiration has been a huge help for me.  It’s really helped me discover my path in photography and has given me a place to practice, practice, practice.  Which is huge, and I’m so thankful to having that opportunity.  My inspiration for shoots usually comes from wanting to always out-do myself.  I don’t really pay attention to what is happening in the industry…for better or worse, I suppose.  I really just enjoy bettering my craft and trying to create photos that move people.  Photos should evoke an emotion inside of you.  Whatever that might be.  I strive to achieve that with my wedding photography as well.  I want my couples to look at their photos and experience their day all over again.

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