Jubilee Luxury Events in conversation about the design of a creative sophisticated Wedding style shoot at La Maquette wedding venue Toronto.

What do you like best about working in your creative field and what experiences inspired your career choice?

The best part about being in our creative field is having the opportunity to create, sometimes we feel like Walt Disney, being able to create these magical settings. and of course collaborating with other talented artists to achieve this perfectly.

In the role of wedding planners and stylists what are some of the first critical questions you would ask a couple when you have a conversation about their wedding day?

Personalizing your wedding is what we feel is most important about your big day. So we love to ask how they met? What they’re passions and visions are? Sometime we go as far as your favourite story book or song growing up, anything can inspire the perfect setting.

What a phenomenal idea to combine a whimsical garden theme with a “Sex and the City ” love of high fashion and designer labels. How did you arrive at combining these two inspirations?

Well Carrie Bradshaw and her friends were the women that all of us, young or old, can relate to in some way, I saw a lot of myself in her, plus fashion had always been such a huge inspiration for Ashneil and I, we are very up to date on new and classic labels, it’s such an extensive art form. But of course originally my concept was going in a very corporate style setting, until I met Gisele (Owner of Nous Design) who with her floral design softened my vision, and the day of I noticed we took Carrie to Paris.

The bride in her style and wedding dress reflects these two themes in her attitude and appearance, appearing soft and ethereal and highly stylized and high fashion all at once. What was the process for achieving this?

We believe every woman has these two components to them, the romantic and whimsical, and the fierce and sexy side, we all tap into those differently, and that’s why it was so important to have a structured classic dress like the Oscar De La Renta Carmen, and a dreamy fitted tulle dress like the Galia Lahav Rihanna. But the real credit goes to our glam squad Katie D’Souza (Bridal Hair Couture by Katie) and Monica De Las Casas Rosati (Make Up by Monica), they saw my vision and dresses and brought the attitude out with the glam, always a blast collaborating with them!

What were your initial impressions of La Maquette as a setting for this shoot and what informed you choosing this location?

Tanya Scagnol was working at Luxe Modern Rentals at the time and I told her I had this incredible vision but couldn’t find the perfect venue, I wanted something intimate with character, she immediately recommended La Maquette where she had just set up a TIFF event. I went to check it out and every little detail reminded me of something you’d find in new york city, designed with so much history and love, with some modern art elements.

La Maquette has an abundance of natural light with its large solarium style windows and surrounding urban oasis. How did you plan for this and leverage it in your styling?

This was my favorite area in the whole venue, having mother nature and the city’s busiest street as a backdrop so Gisele and I planned the floral design around it, it helped set the Parisian influence.

You so effectively used contrasting elements in your design choices in styling this creative environment. How did you strike this balance of elements?

We are big wow factor girls, no matter how small or simple the event. So we stand by giving clients more than they envisioned, by taking their personal questions and their usually Pinterest images haha, and introduce something new, it’s important for each client to have their wedding tailored to them. That being said we will never have your ceremony look anything like your reception, we love to have each event tell a tale.

What was the inspiration behind the Nous Design Group floral design in the solarium?

Gisele literally has this Narnia style studio, she invited me over and I went nuts but the first thing that caught my eye were these glass black vases, so elegant. the rest steamed from her challenging my vision as usual haha (love that about her), and coming up with a soft approach to what I had originally intended, she understands my love for the peculiar, and designed the most beautiful fixture that combined texture of velvet ribbon and the branches were to bring the natural backdrop indoors.

In communicating with your clients about their events what is your process to arrive at a shared vision?

Earlier I mentioned combining their own personalities and inspiration, but the best way to arrive at a vision is by always showing the outcome, you might have a client picture a very thorough set up and then see it done and hate it. people today work largely on visuals, so listening and showing them the outcome is always best.

There is a love letter to Elizabeth Taylor inscribed on the modern table in the solarium. Was there any reference to her role as Cleopatra? What characteristics of Elizabeth Taylor did this style shoot honour?

Elizabeth was the embodiment of all of those Sex and the City characters, the effortless display of fashion, confidence, ambition and class. Her love story reminds me a lot of Carrie’s relationship with Big as well.

It is truly so creative and ingenious that Christin Louboutin’s signature red sole inspired the sweet table. Do you get inspiration and study design principles from a variety of different artistic fields for you design work with clients?

We are inspired by anything, literally, art, fashion, literature….the perks of being a duo is we are constantly challenging each other’s ideas.

What was your approach to designing the outdoor space at La Maquette?

Gisele improvised because the day of was cold and rainy for our shoot, the ceremony set up was going to be on the patio with a faux white flooring, but instead due to the weather, Gisele recreated a similar installation to one she did in NYC.

The inclusion of the vintage vanity table items with the sweet table creates an interesting texture and fleshes out the storyline of the setting? What sparked this idea?

It is important not to make the mistake of making inspiration or a theme “too themey”, the main rooted inspiration to this shoot for instance was really fashion, but we gave fashion many different faces in one space. The vanity and authentic vintage Parisian decor carried into the Cake bar with a modern direction more labels, perfume bottles,  elegance. You witnessed one theme in two ways, and that’s makes it unique.

The design work of the printed invitations is so integrated into the character and style of the shoot. What was the process for communicating this vision together?

All credits go to Helen Owner if Paper Impressions, she actually sat down with me and immediately presented this beautiful detailed piece of work, which happened to match the Anatolia China 🙂

The style shoot is chock full of artistic creative references such as the cake. The designer footnotes are extensive. It operates as a tribute to great creations. Is this something that is a characteristic of your design process?

Extremely large part of the design process we have to pay tribute to the artists that really mastered the pieces that inspire us, from cakes to dress designers.

If you were to have a client get married at La Maquette what would you propose thematically as your next design challenge?

The Cabaret or Circus something, sexy dark and theatrical.

Venue:La Maquette 

Planning & Design: Jubilee Luxury Events

Photography: Focus Photography

Floral Decor: Nous Design Group

Cake: Le Dolci

Cookies : Pass the Cookies

Vintage Decor : Glamourous Affairs