Mark and Daniel had an intimate vow renewal to celebrate their marriage with family and a close group of friends at Berkeley Bicycle Club event venue Toronto.

What inspired you and Daniel to have a vow renewal ceremony and party?

As a queer couple, we didn’t have many family members attend our wedding but, thankfully, opinions have evolved over the years and we now enjoy the full support of the family members that count. More broadly, we are very lucky to have the support of an amazing community of people, and wanted to do something to recognize and celebrate this. And, of course, to celebrate that we’ve made it through 10-years without strangling each other. 😉

Daniel has an event business. How did his professional experience inform the planning and execution of the event?

Daniel has planned and coordinated hundreds of events of all sizes – from cocktail receptions to 2,000-delegate corporate conferences to massive events like Fashion Cares. His experience was instrumental to the smooth execution of our event, as he was able to “speak the language” when working with the staff at Berkeley Events. He also brings a significant amount of style to his work and was able to clearly communicate his vision for our event, including many fine details that made largely-imperceptible but important impacts on the way our event ran.

An enjoyable aspect of your evening was the photos you placed throughout the mansion for your guests to explore and find and have a dialogue about. What was the spark behind this idea?

The photos showcased memorable moments in our lives with the community of family and friends who have played an important role in our lives. This gesture was meant to honour that community through a more “analog” version of the popular slideshow of photos that you can find at most similar events.

What made you chose the Berkeley Bicycle Club for your celebration?

We absolutely adore the space at the BBC for many reasons – its historical significance as the original Gooderham family mansion, the sheer beauty of the architecture, the eclectic modern art and its awesome interaction with the architecture, and more. We also love the team at Berkeley Events, having known and worked with them before, and wanted to show our support.

When you were planning the event what were your priorities and how did your decisions pay off ?

Most importantly, we wanted to create an event where our guests had an extraordinary experience. To do this, we took great care in our food and beverage selection, decor and layout planning. We also created a unique photobooth where our guests were posed in a Vogue-style photos as they entered the venue. We were thrilled with the results and got universally positive feedback from our guests.

How did you select your menu and what were some of the considerations behind your choices?

Considerations included a diversity of tastes and flavours (as our group is a very diverse one) as well as some vegetarian options. We also wanted to showcase local food options to the greatest extent possible – particularly when it came to our charcuterie selections, as Ontario makes some of the best cured meats and cheeses around. But, most importantly, the food had to taste great!

At the end of the night what were you most happy about?

The love we felt from our community was truly heart warming, with spontaneous toasts and musical tributes that brought many a tear to my eyes! We are also grateful for the support and the top-notch service we received from the Berkeley Events team, especially Karen and Katie.

Congrats Daniel and Mark