Priscilla Quesnel Associate Manager, Associate PR and Communications director at L’OCCITANE en Provence in discussion about the L’OCCITANE holiday launch at Maquette event venue Toronto.

What were some of the objectives of this L’Occitane holiday media preview?

The main objective of the L’OCCITANE holiday media preview was to showcase our 2017 Holiday Collection to Toronto’s editors, bloggers and influencers. This holiday, our focus is on the art of gifting, and the festive light of Provence. Throughout our event, we encouraged guests to test out the product and experience our newest launches as well as our bestselling gift collections.

What are some of the benefits of previewing the  L’Occitane holiday line in August? 

To ensure that brands are considered for Holiday gift guides and stories in November and December, holiday collections must be showcased throughout the summer.

How did the decor and event styling reflect and bring out the best qualities of the L’Occitane brand?

The theme of the event was ‘The Art of Gifting,’ and the space was decorated in a classic gold and white theme, evoking the festive holiday spirit and our new fragrance,  Terre de Lumière, the Gold Edition. There was a beautiful gold and white Christmas tree, and a beautiful wall showcasing L’OCCITANE’s hero products.

We worked with Caspar Haydar Design for the décor and styling of our event.  We have worked with Caspar and his team for a number of our events and they really do such an incredible job bringing the beauty of Provence and L’OCCITANE to life.

With an increase in customers buying the L’Occitane product online what are some of the best ways that beauty bloggers can operate to help communicate the potential of the products?

Bloggers and influencers play an increasingly important role showcasing products from beauty brands. They communicate about the products, giving honest opinions and reviews, ultimately establishing trust with their followers and hopefully, encouraging them to try the products out for themselves. Additionally, with the rise of Instagram Stories and unboxing and live testing, I think people really feel like they’re experiencing the products through the blogger/influencer.

What made the setting of Maquette work so well for this event? 

We loved Maquette the second we walked in when venue-scouting. It’s a gorgeous French venue with so many amazing spaces, and we instantly felt it aligned with the L’OCCITANE brand. From the checkered floor on the main level, the spacious solarium on the second floor and the huge chandelier lighting up the venue, La Maquette was the perfect place to host our preview. We wanted people to feel immersed in a beautiful, comfortable space where they could relax and enjoy the sensorial experience of L’OCCITANE products.

Additionally, there were interactive stations hosted by experts where people could practice their gift-wrapping skills or design and create their own flower crown. These stations were a hit with everyone –they really enjoyed themselves and were able to enjoy the space for longer than they might have otherwise.

“Our products stimulate the senses, offering a moment of well-being and sensory delight” L’Occitane. How did this launch bring out these qualities of this brand?

The event was designed to allow people to browse the new collections at their own pace, with the option of sitting down at one of our two interactive DIY stations. We had ‘The Art of Gifting’ DIY station where people could wrap their own Terre de Lumière Gold, and a floral crown station, which played on using natural ingredients to create something beautiful.

My first flower crown DIY was a success! @loccitane #LocciHoliday . . . . . . #flowercrown #DIY #roses

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There were testers of all of the products because L’OCCITANE is a sensorial brand, and it’s impossible to truly understand what L’OCCITANE is about unless you experience the products yourself!

What was the impact of giving a product gift bag at this event and putting the products into the hands of guests?

It was important for us to gift the attendees some of our star products for the holiday season, and L’OCCITANE products must be experienced firsthand to be truly appreciated. This is also why it’s so important that people to visit our boutiques, so they can experience a moment of delight, and be transported to the South of France.

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How do you measure the effectiveness of L’OCCITANE product previews and what were some of the things that you were happiest about at this launch?

We measure the success of a product preview based on the number and quality of guests, the amount of sharing during and after the event on social media, and of course, the media coverage the comes in the months that follow. We also measure success based on if guests return for another incredible experience at future events!

We were extremely happy with this event, and it really felt like people had an enjoyable time. It was wonderful to work with Berkeley Events and such a treat to host in such a gorgeous venue.

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