To celebrate the release of the LG G6 smartphone in Canada LG had an epic launch party #LGG6ix at Berkeley Church event space Toronto.

The guests, comprising of Instagrammers, bloggers and media influencers had a chance to use the LG G6 smartphone and share their findings.

“The LG G6 answers the call of consumers with the features that are most important to them, like an amazing camera packed with innovative new features and a large display, all wrapped up in a sleek and sexy design,” says Shelly Walia, Brand Manager, Mobile Communications at LG Electronics Canada. “More and more people are using their smartphones for entertainment – gaming and videos. There is huge demand for big screens. At the same time, it can’t be so large that it’s difficult to hold and operate. With the LG G6 we’ve been able to maintain an ergonomically correct design by shrinking the bezel to offer a larger display.”

Scott Willats, In-Arena Toronto Maple Leafs Host, emceed the evening and kept the crowd engaged and informed. 

Overlooking the main space is a classically beautiful mezzanine, featuring 17ft high stained glass windows. This space worked beautifully for the installation of the art backdrops designed to test out the new  features on the LG G6 smartphone.

There were giveaways of LG Electronics products, and we were eager for the grand prize of the LG G6 phones. There were beautiful backdrops to take selfies and a selfie print cookie station.

The specialty drinks of the night were Gin6 Fizz (gin, grapefruit juice, simple syrup and club soda), LG & T (vodka, blood orange juice, orange bitters, and tonic water) and Dual-Camera Collins (made with Rose’s blueberry cordial, gin, Rose’s lime cordial, and club soda).

LG created fun installations for guests to create Instagrammable moments.

This was a product launch that created conversations about the new technology and the event that was creatively staged around its features.

Berkeley Events catering created an on brand menu that complemented the launch and was a success with the guests.

Berkeley Church