Mango Studios in conversation about capturing the beautiful and vibrant wedding of Adam and Kerry at Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding venue Toronto.

These photos are similarly stunning. What strikes you as unique about this wedding?

Everyone was so friendly and inviting. They just wanted to include us in everything. Naturally, that gave us the ability to capture the day as family, and not just another hired gun.

There was a definite colour palette for this wedding. If a conscious choice is made by a couple to set a tone with definite decor choices and deliberate intentional tones, how can the photographer ensure these desired esthetics come out in the photographs to mirror their efforts?

We collaborate tightly with our couples, and make sure to get a good idea of all their design elements before the wedding day. If necessary, we’ll bring a list with us to make sure everything important to them gets captured.

Natural light played a huge part in this wedding as it was a daytime event in a venue with floor to ceiling windows. How did the photographer from Mango Studio work with this lighting in such a successful way?

We’re always looking for soft and flattering light. Some days are easier than others, but floor to ceiling windows give off a beautiful, even light that gives every shot a consistent look and feel.


There were so many beautiful little accents in the wedding of Kerry and Adam at Berkeley Fieldhouse. Getting all the little details while still capturing the overall feeling of the day is challenging. How did the Mango Studios photographer prepare themselves before the event?

We’re all about the details, and all the little moments in-between. We believe we can tell a much better story when all these elements come together, big and small. Our photographers travel in teams, so if a wedding is overloaded with tiny details, we have two photographers there to make sure nothing is missed.

If you choose three words to describe the style and look of the wedding photography from this Fieldhouse wedding what would they be?

Soft, Romantic, and Family.

The photographer from Mango Studios had the couple in all of the unique spots around the venue. How important is it that the photographer really know a space and all its potential?

Important, while still being open to spur-of-the-moment inspiration. It’s easy to get comfortable, and we like to find new ways to see a space every time we shoot it.

The name smile booth is so fun and playful, what is your smile booth and how have you seen it add to an event?

Our Smilebooth is a very unique, larger-than-life photo booth experience where you can cram as many people as you can fit, while being completely self-operated (with an attendant on standby), so you can take your own photographs but still receive professional image quality of all your friends and family, and it’s a ton of fun! It’s also a great way to ensure all your family and friends are photographed at the event.

Photographer Mango Studios

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Wedding Planner: My Promise to You – Angie Trinh

Hair : Melissa Andre Events

Sweet Treats: Lindsey Bakes

Cake Topper: Little ‘m’ Inventions

Wedding Dress Sash and Bustle

Florals Sweet Pea’s

cakes Lindsey Bakes