Irini and Marshall had a stylish and romantic 1871 Berkeley Church wedding venue Toronto winter wedding. The wedding was beautifully and creatively captured by Olive Photography a Toronto-based wedding and lifestyle photographer.

Irini and Marshall share some of their insights and stories from their 1871 Berkeley Church wedding experience.

What were some of the priorities you had for your wedding day?

We wanted to of course create a beautiful wedding, and while the wedding was for us, we saw it as a celebration and an opportunity to really throw a great party for our friends and family. Irini had a vision for a whimsical wedding with romantic vibes and candle lit moments which is what made the Berkeley Church such a perfect venue. Marshall’s priority was having food and entertainment on point, on trend and on budget.

How did you find your photographer and what made you so pleased with your wedding pictures?

We took an exceptionally long time to find a photographer… we were very aware of the fact that photography is really one of the only keepsakes you are left with after the wedding so we wanted to make sure we had someone on board that got us as a couple, worked well with our wedding party’s and family’s dynamic, and could also keep us on schedule the day of and guide us in the right direction. We met with tens of photographers in Toronto and finally landed in Anastasia’s kitchen having a cozy chat about how we met and by the way our conversation went we knew we clicked and we would have a beautiful visual narrative of our wedding if we went with her. And that we did!

When we first saw our wedding photos we were happiest that they really captured the day authentically. You could see the organic flow of events, the emotions and the fun and we could really relive the day by looking at them.

What made the 1871 Berkeley Church a good fit for your wedding?

We had a vision for a whimsical wedding with romantic vibes and candle lit moments which is what made the Berkeley Church such a perfect venue. We loved all the character that the venue had and the fact that it spoke for itself and didn’t need a lot of ‘updo’. The location was also a great perk since a winter wedding can present issues for those travelling…having it downtown took one less thing off the to-do list for us.


Looking back what choices did you make that were the best ones for your wedding day ?

I think we both agree that our team of vendors was what absolutely made our wedding day as fun as it was. From our photographer and videographer who kept us on track the day of and captured everything so authentically, to our day-of planner and florist that went above and beyond to make sure everything was 1000% perfect. Everyone says to prepare for something going wrong the day of and we can honestly say not one thing went wrong…and that’s only because of the wonderful team of vendors that really came through.

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple?

Don’t rush into making decisions and don’t use the top ranked on google as a base line for anything! It’s your day and it should reflect your personality so take your time and find the right people for each little job…it’ll make the world of a difference.

In conversation with Anastasia from Olive Photography about the process behind her photography and her experience at Irini and Marshall’s 1871 Berkeley Church wedding. 

When you photograph a wedding how are you  influenced by the choices the couple has made for their wedding day?

Couples hire me largely because of my attention to emotion, as well as to detail. So I’m always scanning for special little things or moments they have planned, as well as the kind of vibe they envisioned for their wedding and try to accurately portray that in the visual storytelling of the day.

There is such a lovely intimate quality to the pictures you took of the wedding ceremony capturing the expressions and energy of the event. How do you think you achieved this? 

I click my shutter when I feel something – That’s one of my ‘tag lines’. I’m not just looking for a pretty picture, but I’m in tune with the emotions of the day, which includes reading people’s expressions and body language. It’s super important for me to capture not just what the day looked like, but what the day felt like!

You utilized the space of the venue so creatively in your day of portraits. How did you prepare for this and what do you think made your photographs so succesful?

I have a saying that is pinned up in my office that I think sums it up pretty well: “You don’t need to try to be creative. Look for things. Stay in the moment.”

I try to approach each wedding with fresh eyes, even if I’ve photographed at a venue before (which was the case for the Berkeley Church venue). I scan a space for light as well as areas that suit the vibe of each couple’s day. Truly, most of what I capture on a wedding day (or any of my photo shoots) happens because of inspiration while there!

How did you approach working with the natural light in this setting and how did you work with the transitions in the quality of light as the wedding progressed?

I prefer natural light – even if it’s just little light pockets that stream into a dark room – whenever possible, so I gravitated towards those for their portraits, including some moody and pretty cool ones in the Berkeley Field House. As the day progressed and light temperatures (and quality) changed, I had to compensate with some bounced flash through the evening. The church has a *lot* of different ceiling heights and surfaces to bounce off of depending on where you are standing, so it’s important to be mindful of that.

Looking at this album what makes this wedding stand out as unique and special to you?

It’s definitely got to be this couple’s energy and fun-loving nature. It was definitely a beautiful day, but what stands out is definitely how fun this day was! And I really enjoyed capturing that energy for them.

Photographer: Olive Photography
Ceremony Venue:
1871 Berkeley Church
Reception Venue:
1871 Berkeley Church
Videographer: Elle&Be Films
Bride’s Dress Designer: Theia Bridal
Bride’s Dress Shop: Sash & Bustle
Veil: Etsy- Rebecca Walker Designs
Bride’s Shoes: Christian Loubutin
Other Accessories: Fur Stole- Luxury Vintage Girl (Etsy)
Stationery: Captain Printworks
Groom’s Suit: Indochino Groom’s Tie: Tie Bar
Groom’s Shoes: Steve Madden
Bridesmaid’s Attire: Etsy- Ren’s Bridal
Church Planner: Kathy Lee (day of)
Flowers: Hello Midge
Cake: The Rolling Pin
Hair: Studio 67
Makeup: Makeup by Olena