Olive Photography beautifully captured the love filled joyous cocktail style wedding of Lisa and Andrew at Airship37 event venue Toronto.

How would you describe the wedding of Lisa and Andrew?

From the couple themselves about their wedding: “Cocktail reception style, laid back. FUN! Our friends and family are very important to us and we really want everyone to enjoy themselves. Non traditional. Colour palette is lush greenery and white florals with gold and grey accents.”
Their wedding definitely was laid back and focused on interactions between everyone there. Being a cocktail style wedding, the whole day felt like a warm gathering of friends rather than a formal affair. Everyone could talk to each other whenever and wherever they liked, which was lovely!

You captured some beautiful intimate emotionally charged moments of Lisa and Andrew, that will be so valuable to them as a way of accessing the moment. How are you able to capture these moments so confidently?
Thanks! I allow myself to be present and observe what’s going on. That way I can get a sense of personalities and relationships, and see moments as they unfold. I’ve learned that anything that makes me want to stop and take in a moment, is something I should capture. Like two kids walking hand in hand, a dad quietly but emotionally observing the ceremony, a groom sneaking a kiss of his bride’s hand during the ceremony. As a photographer I try to be ready to snap those fleeting little moments that tug at your heartstrings!

“Every photograph has an equivalent idea or emotion attached to it”
– Alfred Stieglitz. What do you think of this quote in relation to capturing meaningful wedding day portraits?
It’s true! Sure, there are simply ‘pretty’ photos (and artistic photos that can be subject to interpretation), but with wedding photography I try to ensure the photographs I am capturing are infused with actual feelings and memories rather than them being completely staged and stiff so that the couple and family looking back on the photos will be brought back to those feelings and emotions!
What are some of your premeditated conscious goals when you go into documenting a wedding day?
To be a calming presence, to remember to see and document a breadth of things that will tell the story of the day, to be respectful of the fact that this is the couple’s wedding day and not just a photoshoot, to take some lovely photos of the key loved ones, to get photos with feeling – real moments, balanced with the pretty portraits & little details the couple has worked so hard to plan.

How did the fact that this wedding was a cocktail style wedding inform your process for the day and what were some of the opportunities from a photographic stand point?
The structure of the reception was different than a sit down dinner, and so the moments were not as predictable (e.g. reactions to speeches, and knowing where key people are seated to look out for what they’re doing). Also, there are only so many photos the couple would want to see of people mingling and talking, so I had to keep that in mind as well. It meant I had to surrender to what was happening – embracing the more laid back vibe of the day!

You take beautiful multi-demensiojnal photographs where you succeed both in framing the subjects beautifully as well as capturing masterfully the emotional content of the moment. How do you do all this so well together?
Oh thanks so much! While I’m always on the lookout for the moments, I’m also always aware of light and background, so I try to take photographs that have all three of those things working together harmoniously!
Wedding dress:Enzoani