Maison Blanche Weddings expresses their delight and gives a glimpse into the process of so successfully capturing Lindsey and James Stylishly Poetic Boho Inspired Airship37 wedding.

How does working as a team build out the potential for dynamically capturing a wedding day?

I think it goes without saying that when you’re shooting by yourself, you don’t have the same opportunities to cover everything as you would with a team. Vee and I work great together because we both bring our own strengths to the team. Vee is really great working with brides and their bridal parties; she’s always coming up with great ideas for shots and the fact that she’s a woman certainly helps the bridal party feel a bit more comfortable than if some random guy was taking intimate shots of them getting ready. We tend to split up to in order to both be able to get the shots we need. Not having a second shooter definitely limits your ability to capture more angles, moments or situations when you can realistically only focus on one thing at a time. When a wide range of shots are available, this makes for a more dynamic story to tell when the wedding photos are finished and delivered.

What are some of the ways you describe through language your approach to picture taking to your clients?

We’re pretty simple, but I think building a sense of trust with your couples is incredibly important so that they feel more comfortable and therefore let their guard down, which in return allows us to capture more candid moments that truly represent them. And we like to sometimes demonstrate: we know how awkward it can be to get in front of a camera. We often work as a team, where I will be primary shooter and Vee’s job is to make them laugh behind the scenes, telling really bad jokes or making funny dances moves. This allows us to be fully present and to always be interacting with the couple, instead of putting them in poses. We love to let the moments unfold in front of us, but we also love to get the couple really close to each other, super touchy and tangled as to let the emotions happen naturally. 

The first look is so playful, fun and it starts to reveal the personality of the couple and the feeling of the day. How did you direct and plan this out so effectively?

The first look is such a great contemporary way of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time. It’s such an intimate and private time where the couple can get grounded together and settle their nerves. This happens with just the couple and us two, no wedding party or family. We always get some of the best reactions from the first look and we often don’t need to give the couple direction. We usually discuss a location prior to the wedding or coordinate day-of with the bride and groom. This time, Vee and Lindsey were to meet James and I at separate times so they wouldn’t see each other yet (this involves a lot of texting for no slip-ups haha). We then told James to wait in the middle of this gazebo we had just happened to find and to face the opposite direction in which Lindsey was arriving. So she rolled up to the gazebo, looking like a million bucks, and then the magic happened!


How is this quote relevant to the work you do? ” Great Stories happen to those who can tell them.”- Ira Glass

Funny this question would be asked because this is pretty much my philosophy when it comes to photography. My first tattoo was actually the Latin quote “to capture life” on my forearm and it’s always visible when I shoot. We believe in capturing people’s lives and telling stories with our images. We love to love, we love to live and we love to transpire those emotions into still images. It can be hard to capture movement, but we are all about that because life moves so fast and so does a wedding day! We let love unfold…

It is so fabulous that you captured the arrival at Airship37 through the eyes of Lindsey and Jimmy. What was this important to you?

To be honest, this is 100% our documentary style of shooting. Not a lot of couples know this prior to booking, but we spend the most time with you on your wedding day. We are there from start to finish and we are not vendors, we are friends. This means that we follow the couple for the whole day and being ON all the time; this also means capturing their arrival at the venue, although I’m pretty certain we were the ones driving Lindsey and James to Airship37 (hence why we showed up at the same time! We always want our couples to look at their wedding photos and to be taken right back to that moment, whatever that moment was.


The couple chose to have the wedding ceremony in the Gooderham Lounge of the venue space. What were some of the considerations and potential benefits of this choice from a photographic perspective?

We adore a change of scenery because it’s a new shooting environment for us: we often shoot weddings where both the ceremony and the reception take place in the same space and although we love it, we get very excited with darker and moodier tones too. The lighting in the Gooderham Lounge was coming in through the large windows facing opposite to the alter which allowed for some soft diffused front facing light. There were challenges because of the space, but we always seem to make it work and weasel our way through guests.

There are a lot of well thought out elements at this wedding and Lindsey and Jimmy  have a love of storytelling with  attention to detail and added touches throughout the day. What was your approach in getting to know these narratives and ensuring you captured them with  your photographic process?

We always aim to capture everything and we love to get to know the couples we work with. It’s so important that they know that we are there for them and that we are here to make their day go by seamlessly. We like to think of ourselves as more than photographers and this comes into play when storytelling. When we first walked in to meet Lindsey, we knew right away that this wedding was going to be well thought-of and stylish, which delivers a significant impact. Lindsey + James had thought of everything and this allows us to be hella creative! Paying attention to small details can make the whole difference in your day because EVERYTHING will show up in photos. We know that Lindsey and James worked really hard to make their vision come to life, even down to the personalized playlists for getting ready (which was soooo amazing by the way!), and we could see how happy they were that everything was coming to fruition (we were literally here to just capture it all). There is nothing that makes us happier than a happy couple on their wedding day!

What part of the wedding day were you most excited about capturing and why?

I think we both love the first look and encourage many couples to go that route. There is something so special about an intimate moment between just the bride and groom right before getting married that cannot be compared. It definitely calms the nerves as well – both Vee and I know that when we are stressed, we need each other and this also applies to couples getting married. We also recently started stealing the couple away for a couple minutes right after they say “I do”, and often at golden hour (the last hour of light where you get the best tones and pastels), in order to get all the giggly moments in. You know when you’re so ecstatic that you got married and just want to take a few minutes together to celebrate that? Yeah, we love the real stuff J


The nighttime shots you took at Airship37 were fun and creative  incorporating sparklers and the dramatic lighting were very effective. How did you plan for the fun series of shots taken in the distillery and how did you capture moments so effectively on the move.

The sparkler exit was Lindsey and James’ plan so we definitely don’t want to take credit for that, but we can say that movement is our friend. Humans are at their most natural when they are moving, not posing. So it’s about creating a situation that gets everybody excited and moving. That’s when the weird laughs happen and then more laughs, which translate into authentic images because the moments are in themselves, authentic. The sparklers happened at the end of the night and everyone was having a good time; it’s the culmination of an amazing day, of the love and energy that was put into creating such an event. The distillery was also a “last-minute” decision. You usually need a permit to shoot weddings there, but we kind of broke the rules because it was so late. We personally love shooting there because there are so many different lighting situations and it was the best way to end the night. As you can tell from the images, Lindsey + James knew what they were doing (hello models, am I right?) and took our breaths away, just enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife.

… excerpt from an interview with the Toronto bride Lindsey see full interview

Your wedding photographers were so perfectly in synch with your wedding story and told it so effectively How did you select your photographer?

I’ve known Sean for a little while since we share a similar circle of friends. He and Vanessa shot for our friends Maeve and Jon for their engagement shoot. We absolutely love how their photos look like film – they evoke such a sense of sweet nostalgia. They also take a documentarian approach to photography; there is so much more that goes into a day outside of the people. There’s everything around them. They did such an excellent job at capturing it all.

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