Jessica Forstner from Love by Lynzie shares the design and planning inspiration from behind the scenes of the Rosa and Alex’s stunning Peruvian inspired Berkeley Church wedding.

As a stylist and a planner where are some of your go to places for inspiration?

Most of our go-to places for inspiration are from the couples personal love story and style. We vow to create experiences and designs that speak directly to our couples!

It is very evident in the design of the wedding that Rosa and Alex chose the venue for its historical charm and you as a designer highlighted the specific attributes of the architecture and vintage particulars of the space in careful thoughtful detail. How was this approached and carried out so beautifully? 

With its historical and rustic charm, we definitely wanted to bring in decor that fit well with the aesthetic and feel of the space. We chose to use a vintage hutch as the DJ booth and a vintage desk for the live sketch artist to do her work. When it came to the design of certain decor items we definitely wanted to use rustic wood signage to tie in with the space and use an abundance of colour to elevate the space and bring it to life!

The colour scheme is both immaculate and seamless setting a harmonious curated experience for the guests from start to finish. The colour palette is enlivening without being overpowering. What are the stages involved in carrying out a design like this? 

Right from the first meeting we knew that Rosa and Alex wanted bright, punchy colours that resembled the appearance of a sunset. To create uniqueness and add a more avant-garde effect we chose to do most of the signage, balloon installation, head table flowers and napkins in an ombre effect that went from darkest to lightest in colour.

What were some of the early conversations with Rosa and Alex that indicated what a fun, spirited and creative adventure this wedding would be?

When we first met with Rosa and Alex it was evident from the start that they wanted a non-traditional wedding that was far from the norm. As planners and designers, it is so exciting to have bold couples that are willing to venture outside of the box, play with colour and let our creativity run free which is exactly the type of couple Rosa and Alex were! From the get go, Rosa and Alex knew they wanted bright colours, Peruvian touches and fun, engaging experiences for their guests.

Fun little guest experiences were built into the details of the wedding. What were some of your favourites?

Our favourite and one of the biggest hits of the evening was Stephanie Anne the live sketch artist who brought a fun and unique experience to guests throughout the evening. Guests were lined up from the start of cocktail hour to the end of dinner waiting to have a personalized sketch of themselves creatively brought to life as a takeaway!

The florals have a tight formal design with a wilder sculptural elements. How was the floral design arrived at and integrated with the other elements?

The florals in this wedding resemble true Hunt and Gather style, with lots of greens and fluffy florals in sunset colours spanning from jewel toned deep purples to corals and marigolds. It was important to Rosa that nothing in the wedding felt stiff or rigid so when designing floral inspiration it was important to create a more wild and whimsical feel to the arrangements.

What was the design process for the tablescaping and which elements did you like the best?

The initial stage of the tabelscape design started with the Peruvian textiles that Alex’s mom was bringing back from Peru and from there we grew the design. We wanted to weave several elements from the entire wedding into the tablescape to create cohesiveness and a fuller design which is where the ombre napkins and ombre Peru table numbers derived from. The table numbers were definitely one of our favourite elements of the tablescape because not only was it a complete DIY that has never been done before it also spoke directly to the couples heritage and was a favour for guests to take home if they wished!

How closely did you work with the photographer to ensure that the vision of the day would be captured in accordance with all the planning and work that went into it?

The pictures were very excellent. From your perspective what choices did the photographer make that contributed to this success ?

We work fairly closely with the photographer to make sure all details are captured accordingly and for a wedding design like this we ensured there was plenty of time for the photographer to get in and capture all the details before we revealed the room to guests! Jennifer is an incredible photographer and a delight to work with, she makes our jobs so easy because she needs little to no direction when it comes to shooting the space and before we even get the photos back, we know everything has been taken care of!

Okay here goes, why llamas? 

When you think of Peru, llama’s and alpacas instantly come to mind and it is something the couple definitely wanted to incorporate into their design from the llama backdrop to the stuffed llama welcoming guests. It was a no brainer for us that we wanted to try and get a real life llama or alpaca to surprise Rosa and Alex after their ceremony and add yet another, engaging experience for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour! Not only did we get one, we got three and the couple and guests were certainly blown away!

What specifics of the design and planning process were new experiences and challenges for you in your career? 

At Love by Lynzie, we have never designed a balloon installation as large as the one in Rosa and Alex’s wedding. 25 feet of ombre balloons hung over the balcony evoking a sunset inspired dining experience for guests. This was especially challenging to plan logistically because we had no installation day so organizing this day-of was especially challenging with so many moving parts and vendors to set up in tandem.

If you were to describe this wedding in five words what would they be?

A bright, colourful, fun and engaging Peruvian wedding!

Flowers, balloons and llamas – what a winning combination! What was your initial response to the idea of this combination and how did you know it would work so well ? 

When Rosa and Alex came to us and threw around some ideas of things they would love to incorporate in their wedding – balloons, flowers and llama details were all a part of that mix they just didn’t have the creativity to execute a cohesive design, which is where we come in! We take preliminary ideas and create designs that fit well together, look great together and weave throughout the entire wedding. The 25 foot sunset balloon installation that hung over the balcony was also incorporated into their DJ booth where spilling balloons were emerging from the vintage hutch. Llama’s were incorporated into their photobooth backdrop, welcome table and of course, the ultimate surprise for the couple!


Planning – Love By Lynzie & Jessica Forstner

Venue – Berkeley Church

Photographer Jennifer See Studios

Balloons – Balloon Bar

Rentals – Detailz Couture Events Rentals

Cotton Candy : Fancy Puffs

Stationary : Minted & Paperless Post 

Favours : Stephanie Anne

Hair and Makeup : The Beauty Team