No other event venue in Toronto offers the amazing combination of historical tradition and contemporary vibe that is inherent in the 1871 Berkeley Church.

The top ten reasons to get married at the 1871 Berkeley Church are as follows.

Reason Number One

The outdoor urban secret garden is a unique space tucked in beside the historic venue. It is fabulous for cocktail receptions and passed hors d’oeuvres. There have been custom flower making stations, cotton candy stations and DIY cocktail bars in this space.

The mood and ambience of this space with its textured walls and beautiful decor provide an excellent setting for your day of wedding portraits.

Reason number Two

Berkeley Catering Wedding & Corporate Events Catering is the in-house caterer and has made its name with consistently delightful, locally sourced menus. Menus can be created to suit your guests and include vegetarian and vegan options.

Reason number Three

There are various places to explore for your day of portraits, such as the wine cellar.

The Circa 1871 Lounge on the lower level, with its inviting exposed stone walls also features intimate nooks, and a stylish cocktail area.

Reason Number Four

Every viewpoint in the Berkeley Church is photogenic. The historic architecture and textured surfaces combine to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding design choices.

Reason number Five

Overlooking the main space of Berkeley Church is a classically beautiful mezzanine, featuring 17ft high stained glass windows.

The mezzanine with its natural light pouring in and large floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows is an idyllic setting for your wedding ceremony.

Reason Number Six

The main floor features a grand ballroom with fireplaces and a Victorian-esque bar.

Reason Number Seven 

The Berkeley Church has an epic stage for your wedding sounds to take flight. This gorgeous structure was built to house sound and its incredible interior lends to acoustics and a mesmerizing sound experience that will enrapture an audience.

Reason Number Eight

Toronto wedding planners, designer and florists in the Toronto Community can use Berkeley Church to create an entirely immersive experience or simply add in a few touches, and either option works perfectly well with the aesthetically pleasing Berkeley Church.

Reason number nine

Our expert Events Team can help guide you through your wedding planning process by listening to your vision and helping you meet all of your needs in house or through working with your wedding professional team.  The Berkeley Events team is dedicated to the success of your dream wedding and will provide seamless attention to  your wedding details.

Reason Number Ten

You will have access to lots of resources online to help shape your wedding design and vision.

Toronto wedding photographers love this venue so… you can find lots of pictures in interviews with them on our Berkeley Events wedding photographer interviews.

In addition you will find interviews with wedding couples, wedding planners and wedding stylists on their 1871 Berkeley Church wedding experience.




all photos Paul McNulty

1871 Berkeley Church

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