Liat Aharoni on being a storyteller and sharing Chantel & Cameron’s Beautiful Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding in her magical, emotive Style.

You share how you found yourself in the field of photography, guided by a desire to follow yourpassion. What are some of the experiences you have had that have reaffirmed your decision to pursue this profession?

I fell in love with photography in 2012 when I had an a-ha moment that pursuing photography could turn into a full time job. I never thought it could before then for regular people like me – I thought being an artist was only for the lucky few. Since that a-ha moment, I never doubted my decision to pursue photography. Although I was met with all of the no’s and negative reactions from friends and family – I was 100% committed so I never really looked for signs elsewhere to make sure I was on the right path.

In many ways you continually define and refine  your photographic style and process and as a result are  such a masterful storyteller.  How does this ability translate well into helping couples clarify their wedding style and vision?

For me being a storyteller means telling a couple’s story as honestly as possible – without any fluff. I’m inspired by true stories whether they’re “picture perfect” or not. I try and remind couples that there’s no “right” way to get married – there are no right or wrong answers they just have to do what makes the most
sense for them.

You found the perfect moment to capture some day of portraits with Chantel and Cameron in the urban garden at Berkeley fieldhouse. What were some key elements in finding this perfect moment?

For me being a wedding photographer means that I’m constantly trying to balance creating art while also documenting couples in a way that truly reflects who they are. The more comfortable, open and honest couples are with me, the more I believe that the photos will show who they genuinely
are. They have to see it as more of a collaboration in that way! With that in mind, I give cues to couples the entire time to make sure all of the photos will look different and show different parts of their dynamic. Some cues will make them laugh, some will make them more affectionate – it’s a wide range and I try to capture it all!

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation._ Plato . What is your impression of this quote in relation to photography?

The beauty in being a human is that we experience so many emotions. A wedding is such a significant day for the couple, their family, friends and everyone involved. I truly believe that wedding photos should have depth – and not simply photos of the couple smiling directly at the camera. I want to photograph the gritty, the intense, the raw – all of the emotions that encompass a wedding day – whatever they may be. I want to photograph the whole story not just parts of it!

How would you describe the interior styling of the Berkeley Fieldhouse for the reception and what was your response in documenting it? 

The Berkeley Fieldhouse is stunning. I aimed to photograph as much of the variety of all the thoughtful details of the venue and the way that all of the details were set up for Chantel & Cameron’s wedding specifically. I loved the balance between the modern chic building and the greenery (done by Thorn Floral who did an amazing job!)

In each setting during the wedding day there is an amazing range of expressions and emotion communicated. From playful to intense and passionate. This is a gift for the couple to have this special time and moments period so well expressed. Is this something you set an intension to do?

Yes, very much so. I’m always on the lookout to capture real emotions and interactions.

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