Amrita Singh Wedding Photography talks about photographing with intention and capturing true romantic feel of Anna and Tim’s Airship37 Wedding.

Your personal bio is very thoughtful and you get a sense that you are very self aware and  and are reflective of your soundings and what influences you. How do you feel this helps in the process of telling your couples story?

Sense of place and authenticity is very important to me when I’m behind the camera. I think that incorporating environment into portraits lends itself well to story telling. I love finding little nooks, colourful walls and hidden treasures in the city. Part of my process often includes spending time in the area after I’ve chatted with the couple,.This helps me bring their story to life through photography.

What were some of the first impressions you got from Anna and Tim into what they envisioned their wedding could be ?

Anna and Tim were SO wonderful to work with, they were up for anything. I think they had envisioned a wedding that had classic elements with a modern twist. I think this was executed beautifully on the day of.

You talk about being drawn to light and paying attention to it, starting with the appreciation of your grandfathers black and white photography and use of shadows and contrast in India. How has this studio of light translated into being able to harness the potential sources of light on a wedding day.

Light is fascinating and always has been to me, I’m lucky to have grown up in a creative environment. There are so many different kinds of light on a wedding day – from direct sunlight to ambient low light, you have to be prepared for just about any kind of light as a wedding photographer. I try to capture light in the way that I see it and the way that it feels on the day of. I try my best to use natural light whenever possible (its my favourite!), but am prepared with equipment for lower light if needed.

What has extensive travel and photographing around the world brought to your experience of being able to interpret and capture a wedding story?

Travel has taught me  appreciation for culture and tradition, patience,; it has encouraged me try new things, and to think quickly and creatively using what’s around you. Photographing a wedding requires all those things. It has shown me to look at people and places in a thoughtful way – to photograph with intention.

How would you describe the wedding style and design choices that Anna and Tim made and how did you bring out the aesthetic strengths of their choices?

I think that Anna and Tim’s wedding style had a true romantic feel. Candles, greenery, and a first dance to remember really set the tone for the evening. With the charming vibe of the venue, candles, greenery, and a first dance to remember – they really set the tone for the evening.

What makes a stand out portrait in your mind? How did you approach taking the stunning day of portraits at Anna and Tim’s wedding?

I believe that how the couple feels when taking a portrait is the incredibly important. A wedding day can be filled with so much joy, chaos and emotion – so finding a moment of calm and being present with your partner can be very powerful when taking portraits. For Anna and Tim’s wedding, I went to the area a few days before to find some locations that I thought would make for great pictures.

The wedding ceremony pictures have a wonderful natural feel to them with beautiful composed framing and subtle perspectives. The viewer can feel  the sense of the intimacy and beauty of the ceremony in the photos. How did you approach photographing it?

I try to be mindful about my presence when photographing a ceremony – it is such an intimate moment with the ones you love the most surrounding you. I try to not be intrusive by using two different lenses on my cameras so that I can capture the different aspects of the ceremony from a distance.  When photographing Anna and Tim’s ceremony, I also spoke to the other vendors before hand so that we all had a good understanding of what was going to happen and which areas we should stay in.

You mention your love of capturing candid moments and how it contributes to storytelling. What are some of your techniques for getting authentic candid moments captured?

I encourage couples to be present with each other, tell some jokes (love photographing laughter) and confess their feelings for each other – these always make for some beautiful moments. If I am shooting candids during an event, I like to use a telephoto lens so that people don’t notice me. I am always on the look out for the in-between moments that help tell a story.

Anna and Tim’s  stunning spring engagement  photo shoot in the park captured the small window of the cherry blossoms. How did you plan and execute this so beautifully?

Having lived in Japan for a year, I can say that am passionate about cherry blossoms. I find them beautiful, romantic, and love the notion of them being fleeting. Anna and Tim were up for anything. I wanted to avoid High Park because of the crowds, so we found a few trees in the city and just spent our time with them.

The father daughter dance is beautifully captured and shares the joy and fun. What d you think makes you so good at capturing these extra special moments?

Their father daughter dance was SO fun. They decided to plan a surprise dance to Gangnam style and it had everyone up and cheering. It was just great energy so I think I was feeding off that.

What were some of the advantages from a photographers perspective of the location of Airship37?

I’ve shot at Airship37 a few times and I think the white walls and windows in the main space are a great advantage to photographers. There are also garage doors that can open to let natural light flood in. The venue has character and charm. Its location is situated in a spot that is walking distance to the Distillery, a few minutes drive from the Cherry Beach and close by to so many other great downtown spots.

You are attentive to all the guests finding and documenting as many exchanges as possible however subtle that over time will have great meaning. What are you watching for in choosing your shots?

It really comes down to emotion. I choose to take an image or edit an image if I feel something.

What was something that made you really happy when you going over the shots from Anna and Tim’s wedding?

Being a wedding photographer is wonderfully unusual job. You get a glimpse into some of the most intimate and genuine moments in a person’s life. Going through their images reminded me of the beautiful, important day I got to spend with them – their kindness, openness and love for each other.

Amrita Singh Wedding Photography


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