Kat Rizza Photography shares her approach in creatively and poetically capturing Marni and David’s elegant cocktail party in the early summer at Berkeley Bicycle Club.

What informed Marni and David’s decision to get married at the Berkeley Bicycle Club?

Marni is a super creative and talented woman working in the film industry. She has a highly-developed sense for ambiance and style. When she told me she wanted her wedding to be an “elegant cocktail party in the early summer”, I knew she knew what she was doing! The feeling at this wedding was magical, especially as the sun was setting and guests starting drifting outside onto the patio. The BBC was the perfect setting – they really pulled it off.

You shot a beautiful elopement shoot at Berkeley Bicycle club  what did having experience shooting in this venue before add to the wedding day?

Yeah I did! (hi Kate & Kane!) The elopement was different because the space was totally empty and we had free-rein of the entire building (thank you for that!). Marni and Dave had their beautiful ceremony, family photos and portraits in and around the BBC so there were more people milling about and many more chairs 🙂 Having photographed in the space just a few months before, I already knew of some locations I wanted to use – BUT! I don’t think we used any of them! M&D’s friends and family are seriously awesome people. Everyone was fun and helpful and just loving. Because of this we were bouncing around everywhere! We used some of the upstairs rooms (and I found a really cool skylight that we didn’t get nearly enough time with), the funky lights in the hallway, the patio string lights, the outdoor flood light behind the back door, even the dog park across the street! Thinking back, we didn’t do anything that I had pre-planned. There is just so much variety in this venue for photos – we ran around, found cool stuff behind every corner and it was a perfect day!

Marni and David chose to have an intimate wedding in a smaller wedding venue. What from your perspective are some of the advantages of this choice?

The best part of this choice was that they really got to spend time with all their guests. Marni & Dave floated around all night, sometimes apart and sometimes together but they were never too far away from each other. It was awesome to watch them become engulfed in separate conversations but then reconnect in different rooms, always happy to run into each other.

Thinking back, it was such a romantic evening! Especially during the speeches, when all the guests huddled in. The venue was beautiful but comfortable at the same time. It almost felt like a (very fancy) house party. Every person in the room was important to the couple and if you heard the speeches, you would understand just how special this couple is to everyone in their lives. If I could give a funniest speech award, I wouldn’t be able to give just one – I’d probably hand it out to every single person who spoke at this wedding!

You have secured the title of photo ninja with your exquisite range of angles and visual compositions you created during the wedding ceremony. What skill set have you built up to achieve this?

Haha that is so funny – you are not the first person to call me that! I take it as a compliment, thank you. I went to college for photojournalism (hello Loyalist!) and without realizing it at the time, that initial training has really helped. In journalism you’re not allowed to interfere or influence a scene in any way so you learn to work with what you’ve got. I can scan a scene really quickly and know where I need to be – factoring in lighting, angles and anticipation of moments. I’m also only 5’2 so I can move quickly through crowds hehe.

You hit the magic hour for your photographs on the wrap around patio at Berkeley Bicycle Club crating a beautiful seamless album from inside to outside the venue. Was this planned?

Oh my goodness – that was just a beautiful scene! Blue hour, gorgeous architecture and warm twinkle lights are just the best recipe for photos. Truthfully, I always plan to go outside during blue hour. Sometimes it doesn’t get to happen but I always try! That said, I can’t ever plan for what it’s going to look like. Berkeley Bicycle Club basically has the best blue hour photo op in the city. I love it!

The night shots around the Berkeley Bicycle Club are glamorous with an urban candid edge. What were your thoughts when you first viewed these?

That is just the best description, thank you! When I first looked at them on the big screen, I loved them! It was super hard to pick out the best ones. I think I delivered a ridiculous amount in the full gallery. Yes, I remember now, Marni said it was overwhelming. Haha I hope she meant in a good way! I remember all three of us viewing frames on the back of the camera and we were all really excited. Thank you for helping me reminisce about this beautiful day and thank you to BBC for being such a great venue to work with! One of my favourites for sure – can’t wait to be back!

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