Magnolia Studios shares how she expertly captured Stephanie and Andrew’s Cool, chic, artistic, and unique La Maquette wedding.

What was the driving force behind Stephanie and Andrew choosing la Maquette as their wedding venue?

When I met with S+A they let me know that what they wanted for their wedding was a fun, easy going, cocktail style evening with their closest friends and family.  A good party, a fun time, and a really cool atmosphere with a Toronto vibe – a city they love!  La Maquette has a unique layout with artistic decor adding so much to the overall feel of the wedding, and the outdoor ceremony space with St. James Cathedral and the streetcars passing behind provided an amazing Toronto view! Not to mention that their day saw a range of weather conditions from rain to full sunshine coming through during their I do’s!

There is such a vivid bright quality to the wedding photo album of Stephanie and Andrew. Was the potential for working with natural light a driving force behind this wedding? 

I really do love bright natural light!  I naturally gravitate towards it as I’m shooting so I find that is what steers us with the creative photos, but ultimately I wanted to capture Stephanie and Andrews vision of how they wanted their wedding to be – a cool, fun, party downtown with their loved ones.  La Maquette definitely gave us a lot of opportunity to play with pretty light that day, and thankfully the rain had stopped to allow them to go ahead with their outdoor ceremony as planned!

What was it like shooting the wedding ceremony in the urban garden at La Maquette? You perfectly framed your shots to capture the juxtaposition of the   urban setting of the venue and the venues intimate qualities.  

What you mentioned is exactly what I loved so much about the space! And why I’m sure S+A chose it.  St James church in the background as the streetcars passed, the garden gates as the entrance to the aisle leading to the terrace where their guests sat were all really unique aspects to the space.  The perfect mix of garden + city 🙂

Stephanie and Andrew are incredibly natural in front of the camera what do you attribute this to? 

I think developing a good rapport before the wedding definitely helps couples feel at ease in front of the camera!  I do give a lot of direction where needed, plus the excitement of the day and enthusiasm for taking photos all certainly contribute!  Also, champagne 😉

What struck you as successful about the wedding style choices that were made in the context of this historic Art Deco building? 

If suited them so well.  Cool, chic, artistic, and unique.  The creative elements, and interesting layout of the space was very conducive to a great cocktail style party!  It also had one of my favourite features – the bar is right next to the dance floor, so everyone is in one space!  This is so great for candids and having an intimate vibe.

The cinderella solarium is a special space in the venue with views of the sculpture garden and the epic cathedral church of St James. How did you so effectively share the feeling in this room?  I think the space speaks for itself!  It is definitely unique for Toronto and something you can’t really find elsewhere!  Flooded with bright natural light by day and a warm candle lit glow by night, it really helps to establish a good party mood 🙂

What were some of the priorities Stephanie and Andrew had for their guest experience and how did you position yourself to highlight these wedding choices so effectively? 

They wanted to capture the mood, their loved one’s and the fun they had together.  Family and friends are very important for them, so they made sure to seat me with their guests and be a part of the action so I would capture real moments!

La Maquette has a unique layout spreading across the two floors. You effectively identified key spots to get beautiful compositions in your shots like the use of the staircase and the portraits with the pop up photo booth. Did you plan these key vantage points ahead of the wedding day or compose them in the moment?  

Thank you! Everything I do is in the moment.  I feel it out based on the circumstances – I think this is really important for a wedding photographer, since, as they say, there is no control in wedding photography!  Things can be moved, changed, rearranged, the lighting and weather could throw a curve ball, or last minute changes may occur – maintaining a sense of curiosity, and the excitement of discovering their unique use of the space, and capturing their personal moments is what contributes so greatly to creativity!

Reflecting back on this album what were you most pleased about? 

Not only was the wedding really beautiful, but everyone had such a great time!  There is a real feeling of togetherness and connection which I think would describe the overall feeling of their wedding – so I hope that is what they are reminded of the most when they look back on their photos 🙂

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