Amrita Singh Photography shares key insights on beautifully capturing Monica and Dave’s unique stylish winter wedding at Berkeley Church

What were some of the key ideas that Monica and Dave expressed to you in relation to how they wanted their big day to unfold and how did this effect your process?

When I met Monica and Dave, they wanted to have fun with their images and to make sure that their families, friends and dogs were included in many of the photos.

The bride and groom  playing with their dogs at their wedding reception.

You effectively told the story of the wedding day in all the special locations in and around the Berkeley Church. How did you scout and plan out all these locations and get the beautiful unhurried quality in all your photos?

I scout out locations the week before the wedding, I do this because Toronto is always changing and having a plan the day of is really important. I also have a good idea of what the weather might be – so creating a plan becomes a lot more realistic.

How would you describe the wedding style of Monica and Dave’s wedding and how did you align your shooting style for the day?

Monica and Dave are just cool – they were stylish, authentic and present in every moment on their big day. I think I just fed off their good energy when taking their photos.

You create interesting composition and framing in your photographs . Is this something you focus on in your process?

I love composing photographs thoughtfully, I think portraits of people, with the context of the space they are in is very important. It’s a big reason why I go location scouting ahead of time. 

There is a timeless quality to the wedding ceremony that you highlighted in your photos. How did you create this beautiful elegant presentation?

When photographing the ceremony, I had to make a decision on whether or not I was going to use flash for the majority of the shots and I opted not too because the space and light had a lot of ambience that I wanted to capture. I also didn’t want to interrupt a beautiful, intimate ceremony with any additional lighting and I am really happy with the results. 

What was your mindset for capturing the ceremony in this specific space?

For ceremonies, I do my best to focus on the couple of course – but also the reactions of people around me. I am always looking for someone laughing, crying or with a sincere look in their eyes.

the first kiss after being married here at the Berkeley Church.

You have a great awareness of the textures and architectural strengths of the historic venue subtly incorporating them into the settings . How did you achieve this?

Berkeley event spaces are some of my favourite spaces to shoot in because of the gorgeous, raw, textured architecture. That being said, I do think I am naturally drawn to texture and colour.

You captured the mood and energy of the live musical performance so adeptly. You can feel the pulse and excitement of the live music in your pictures and how it resonated in the space. What was your experience with this? 

Dave is so passionate about music. When we met for the engagement shoot, they both shared how excited they were to have a live band of this calibre play at their wedding. The music was beautiful and their love and enthusiasm for it came through in the photos.

You were able to capture intimate interactions during the reception that communicate the conversations and energy of the wedding. What are some of your techniques for achieving this?

I put on my telephoto lens and go people watching – I love this portion of the evening because I can be a fly on the wall and witness some beautiful moments, expressions or reactions. 

How would you describe your way of seeing on a wedding day and how does this translate to beautiful photos?

On a wedding day, I try to instantly immerse myself into what is happening and have a plan in my back pocket. This combination allows me to capture what is happening and the feel of the day. When it comes to the portrait session, I can play around with composition because I know where we will be shooting. 

Looking at the album which elements make you the happiest?

How happy Monica and Dave are throughout the day. They had such wonderful energy and enthusiasm, it made the whole experience authentic and fun. 

Amrita Singh Photography

Florals : Cool Green and Shady

1871 Berkeley Church