Rabbat Photography Showcases the extraordinary love story of Katie and Christian at La Maquette

What was the biggest priority for Katie and Christian for their wedding day and how did you express this in your pictures?

They wanted their wedding day to flow and for me to capture the emotions of the day. The venue is extremely organized and made sure that everything happened very smoothly. Katie and Christian were an extremely expressive couple, so I was ready to photograph all the time in case an exciting moment happened, because they happened throughout the day. If I were to put my camera down, I would have missed some great moments.

You captured the precious moments of Katie getting ready in a fun and playful way. What made this time of the day special?

Thank you.  Katie was a relaxed bride, who was more excited about this day than nervous.  Her bridal party was also fun and supportive and nobody was high stress, probably in part because they had more than enough time to get ready, so there was no rush. They were confident everything was going to work out as planned, so they took time to spontaneously dance before putting on their fancy dresses and then enjoy some champagne together.

How would you describe what was so unique about Katie and Christian’s wedding ceremony in the outdoor urban garden and how did you respond in your photographs?

Their ceremony was extremely intimate and emotional. They wrote their own personal, hilarious and passionate vows and had people who were very close to them read or speak.  I responded by photographing with a long lens (from far away) so they would forget I was there, but made sure I captured all of their wonderful expressions as well as the reactions of the guests.

How do you get beautiful candid guest shots that are relaxed and expressive?

I am ready all the time!  When the speeches are happening, for instance, I don’t only focus on the speaker, but when someone says something that elicits a reaction in me, I know the guests will feel it too, so I scan the room with my camera and click on those who are reacting.

What made this wedding stand out as unique and how did this translate into your photographs ?

This was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Katie and Christian are really in love and not afraid to show it!  This definitely showed up in the photographs.

What made the couples choose la Maquette for their wedding venue and what were some of your strategies for working so well in this space?

Katie and Christian had seen a few venues by the time we went to take a look at La Maquette. They were looking for a venue in the city with character (aka not requiring a lot of decoration), and something that could also provide us a space to hold our ceremony. La Maquette took our breath away as soon as they entered, checked all of the boxes, and also had the benefit of providing a full service food, drink, and waiter staff that was affordable. It was an easy decision for them in the end. The outdoor space, main floor dance floor, and upstairs space allowed for a nice flow of the day, and for people to enjoy the event in whatever way they pleased. They couldn’t be happier with how our day turned out! As for me, this venue has beautiful window light during the day on both floors In the evening, I bounced my flash off the walls and made sure it was adjusted so I could still capture the lighting of the venue. I brought an external studio light for the dance portion of the reception.

What was your favourite part of this wedding day and how did you communicate that in your pictures?

This wedding was so much fun it’s hard to decide on a favourite part!!! I loved the anticipation of the bride and bridesmaids when they were getting ready and how relaxed they were about everything, the guests arriving before the ceremony and the extremely well-written and personal speeches as well as their reaction to each other during the ceremony, the romantic photos of the two of them alone together enjoying each other’s company as a married couple for the first time, the incredible speeches and reactions to them and of course, the dance, where I wanted to capture the movement and took my new favourite wedding photo.  For the candid moments, I hung back and made sure I was ready for each moment to happen.

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