The intimate modern Berkeley Fieldhouse unique Toronto wedding of Elena and Asher with an emphasis on art and cultural elements.  Amrita Singh Photography shares her unique photographic style and passion for capturing in love couples.

Its obvious that you are very skilled at street photography. You pick up and capture all the textural unique elements when you take your couple through neighbourhoods. How important is this to you?

I have a background in fine art and I try to approach photography in the same way I would approach creating a painting. I look for interesting backgrounds that would suit the couple or add contrast and texture to the portrait. Context of space and a place is also important to me.

Nagham from Love by Lynzie did an incredible job of bringing the couples art gallery concept to life. If this were a destination wedding, I feel like it could be in New York. The emphasis on art and cultural elements really add to the uniqueness of it. Specifically, the tea room reminded reminded me of a Mongolian Yurt – it was such a cool, inviting space.

What made you the happiest about Elena and Ashers wedding day and how do you feel identifying the joy within a celebrations translates to the wedding album?

I really enjoyed shooting their portraits. Its a chance for couples to connect and relax in the midst of a busy day. I always enjoy seeing how couples interact with each other and how they express their love.


Elena’s dress set the tone for style throughout the wedding. That, mixed with the thoughtful event set up and the energetic crowd made it all came together beautifully.

You have an ability to find the Colour palette and stylistic themes of the wedding style anywhere the couple goes so that the result is beautifully curated wedding story. For example the pink wall you found and took the playful portrait. What would you attribute this ability you have to ?

I feel that having a fine art approach lends itself nicely to portraits. I live in Toronto and love the city, so I am always trying to make note of interesting places or walls to bring clients. This pink wall happens to be an auto shop 🙂

There is a beautiful quality of movement in all the wedding portraits of Elena and Asher. What do you look for to capture this?

Her dress had such lovely movement, which made it easy to help direct the couple through the process. Lots of dancing, twirling and shimmy-ing.

What in your experience are some of the advantages of choosing to have an intimate wedding and how does open up opportunities for photography that are less achievable at larger weddings?

I always find that couples are able to be a bit more present in intimate events. The timeline for photos is also a bit better and there is more time to wander and play during portraits.

Photography : Amrita Singh Photography

Venue: Berkeley Fieldhouse

Planning Love By Lynzie

Design : Elena Mahno 

Dress: Marchesa

Florals: Billie Flower Co

Decor: Decades Prop

Cake: Love in Bloom Cakes

Paper Artist Graphic design  : Julia Se0 

Graphic Design Thyme and Honey 

Projection: Amal Peerzada

Blog Creator : Branded By Hand