The Mariner Agency created a well designed joyous album for Tiffany and Jared’s Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

What is your approach for getting the beautiful candid shots of Tiffany and Jared around the venue?

We loved the venue and definitely knew it played a huge part of their day and reflected their laidback attitudes. Our approach for getting candid shots is really allowing the couple to be in the moment by not micro-managing and proper positioning for the light then stepping away from them. 

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful intimate affair. What were some of the benefits of this setting for creating a meaningful ceremony from your vantage point ?

The wedding ceremony was without a doubt an intimate affair. Close friends and family, a small number of people, and small location allowed them to be heard with their natural voice volumes. This really allows the guests to feel connected thus making every little pause or inflection in their vows hit that much harder for the guests. 

What were some of the reasons Tiffany and Jared chose the Berkeley Fieldhouse as their venue for their wedding and how did you reflect these choices in your photography ?

They chose the Berkeley Fieldhouse because of the beautiful venue and the proximity of everything from their ceremony, getting ready, and reception. We knew that because the venue had so many natural and earth tones, we should photograph the venue with as much natural lighting as possible. 

You talk about combining an appreciation of design and elegance in your work. How do you create this wonderful balance in your work?

We approach every frame in our photos with a mindset of a designer and a mindset photographer. The designer in us is the one composing and framing the shot, which provides the design. Then the photographer in us is the one going after the emotion, which provides the elegance. I guess the best way to say we achieve this balance is by having a dual-mindset when approaching photography. 

What was your favourite part of capturing Tiffany and Jared’s wedding day?

The best part of the day – at the risk of sounding selfish was spending the day photographing a couple truly in love and healthy for each other on my actual 30th birthday. It was a great feeling to turn 30 and be surrounded by a couple that is true to them. 

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