Diego and Liza Photography share Simone and Angelo’s Beautiful Passionate Berkeley Church Wedding day capturing all the precious moments.

Simone and Angelo have such an animated rapport with each other throughout the wedding album. How did you work with this energy to bring out their personalities so effectively?

Simon and Angelo truly do have such big and amazing personalities that complement each other so well! They were having so much fun together throughout the whole day and we wanted to highlight this energy without interfering by giving them too many instructions or direction. We wanted to capture their authentic selves by just letting them be themselves in front of the camera, which of course led to a lot of laughs and so many amazing and genuine photos.

What were some of the qualities of the setting of the Berkeley Church that you pick up on and magnified with your wedding day portraits?

 We love venues with unique lighting, a variety of architectural elements, and cool textures, and Berkeley Church has no shortage of that! We absolutely adore all of its historic elements, the exposed stone walls, the historic Victorian arches, the giant stained-glass windows, and the gorgeous colours and glow they give the space, and the moody lighting of the lower-level lounge. The textured wallpaper, the little bistro lights, and the gorgeous pops of colour that could be found throughout Berkeley Church were all so fun to play with– it’s a photographer’s playground. The raw textures, historic elements of the space, and the moody lighting contrasted beautifully with Simone and Angelo’s elegant and modern look, and we knew right away that we wanted to play with that.

Reviewing your album what are some of the qualities you look for that make a standout photography?

One of the first things we always look for, regardless of where we are, is the lighting. Light is the essence of photography. The lighting of a space dictates what can or cannot be done, what will look good and what won’t, whether we need to introduce additional lighting, and how far we can push our creative boundaries. We love playing with light – we don’t see it as a challenge, rather an opportunity to create something cool and magical.

There is a photo you took over the shoulder of the wedding officiant of the wedding couple that is to honest and effective. What was the planning behind capturing this amazing photograph?

We don’t often plan photos in advance, especially moments. We wait for opportunities to present themselves. One of the key elements of photographing weddings for us is capturing raw emotion and real moments – we want the couple to feel all the same emotions again and relive their wedding every time they look at their photos, rather than simply seeing how their wedding day looked. We believe that the best way to capture the feelings of the day is to be in the moment, not looking from outside in, and that’s what drives us to get really close to the couple, even during critical moments at the ceremony, and get angles the couple may not expect, but that will highlight the mood and feeling of the exact moment we are capturing.

You co-ordinated with the wedding planner to exchange some specifics of the day and dialogue about the vision of the couple together. How did this conversation accelerate the success capturing the wedding day?

 As much as Diego and I love surprises in our personal lives, we like to know what to expect on the day of a wedding a head of time so we can plan accordingly, especially in terms of lighting. Simone and Angelo’s wedding definitely had tons of beautiful surprises, some of which neither us nor the co-ordinator knew about in advance, but by co-ordinating with Opehelie from Something Blue Décor Co., and by keeping a constant line of communication open between us before the wedding and the day of allowed us to be prepared and capture all the amazing reactions of the day.

Our goal was to highlight the fun personalities of Simone and Angelo, the wedding party, and their family, and capture all the raw emotions of the day. Our approach was to photograph a lot and to photograph close. We wanted to capture all of their silliness, the expressions and reactions, the energy and the vibe of the day. We stayed close and we photographed everything that was happening around us to ensure that we caught as much as possible, every smile and every tear, knowing that a wedding day is hectic and that Simone and Angelo may not see everything that is happening around them. For every one of our couples, we want to capture the full story of their day.

What are some of the best aspects of working together in your business and what strengths do you feel it brings to your work?

Besides having each other for emotional support, we have 100% confidence in each other’s abilities. We share the same goals and values when it comes to running the business and photographing a wedding, and we know that we both always have the couples’ best interest at heart. That allows us to not worry about what the other is doing on the day of the wedding, focus on our individual shots/tasks, and create amazing work we can both be proud and excited to deliver. Plus, it also helps that we have a competition going between us, to see who gets the best shot of the day – but who actually wins? The couple!

The wedding reception photographs show the high energy and excitement of the day in creative portraits that tell the story in such animated detail. How do you accomplish this so effectively?

 Our goal is to always tell the story in a dynamic and animated way in order to capture just that, the energy and the feeling of the day. We are not scared to go right into the middle of the action, into the middle of a dancing crowed where arms and feet are flailing everywhere. We believe that if we are always present, if we are always visible, if we are right there on the dance floor with everyone, sometimes dancing and jumping as well, people forget we are photographers, they relax and show their true selves, and do the craziest and silliest things. They let loose and have fun, and that’s what we aim to capture every time.

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