Rosewood Wedding Photos Toronto wedding photographers authentically and beautifully capture the stunning modern wedding of Tina and Mark Airship37 wedding venue Toronto .

What is your process for understanding what the unique story is for your couple so that you can capture their day in the most authentic way possible?

Because we only take on a select number of weddings each year, this gives us the opportunity to make sure that we dedicate enough time with each of our couples, and give them 110% of our attention. We send out questionnaires, chat on the phone or Skype, and have several meetings with each of our couples before their big day. This ensures that we’re all on the same page, and that we as the photographers have all the information needed to go into the wedding. With this,

We’re as prepared as possible which ultimately allows us to capture their day as authentically and as beautifully as possible!

The wedding ceremony in the hangar was flooded with natural light. How did you use this natural light source to make such beautiful photographs?

Our goal for shooting is to capture genuine and honest photos that are a true reflection of your day, so we made sure to showcase the beautiful and bright light like we what had at Airship37!

If a wedding is darker and moodier with lots of candles and less natural light then our photos will reflect that, but when we’re in such a stunning and well and evenly lit space with big windows and perfectly white walls bouncing all of this light around, we make sure how we’re shooting, and even how we’re editing, is true to that!

At what point did you know that you were going to pursue photography as a vocation and how do you continue to challenge and innovate in your field?

We’re a team of 3 and we actually met in school for photography, so that’s when we knew that we were going to pursue it in one form or another! When we were getting close to graduating each of us wanted to get into wedding photography and once we realized this, we said “let’s do it together!”.

The field of wedding photography itself is fairly competitive, which isn’t necessarily a challenge, but seeing so many of our photo friends and other peers do amazing things definitely pushes us to be better, work harder, and stay inspired. We love what we do, we love being able to support each other, and we’re constantly striving to be our best and most authentic selves across all platforms, so that we can make genuine connections with our couples.

How would you describe the wedding style that Mark and Tina chose and how did you align your approach to capture it so effectively?

Their wedding was filled with beautiful pops of coral and blue, and it was very much about celebrating with their family and friends. They had some personal touches throughout the hangar both in the ceremony/reception space, and even in the cocktail area, where guests were able to sign their guest book, take a fan (because it was HOT out that day, there was a heatwave happening actually!), and overall connect with each other up and really support Tina & Mark on this big day!

When we first met with Tina & Mark we chatted them up at a bar/cafe (yes, a 2-in-1 haha) for longer than our intro meetings usually go, and we definitely hit it off with them right off the bat! They are funny, down to earth, really laid back and casual, and overall our kind of people! Everything that they had planned for their wedding is something we would do at our own future weddings so it was incredibly easy for us to align ourselves with their vision and even them as clients.

The night photography portraits you took in the urban garden at Airship37 have such a soft beautiful full lighting. How did you achieve this so effectively?

Thank you! The string lights are such a beautiful touch, they’re so warm and give off such a comfortable, and familiar, backyard vibe we couldn’t not bring Tina & Mark back there! From a technical standpoint, we lowered our aperture to f/2 or even f/1.8 for these photos; this allowed us to create  really warm photos where the background is blurry and the light is so soft and everything really just feels intimate and cozy.

What’s great about shooting with 2 people is that if one of us sees what we think can be nice lighting during a wedding, we test things out on each other before we call our couple in. This way we can nail everything down before we begin and we don’t pull our couple away for too long (because we know they need to be in 10 different places at once haha).

What makes wedding photography a creative pursuit for you?

Every wedding is completely unique in its own way that’s truly what we love! We could shoot at the exact same venue or  reception 100 times, but it will turn out differently every single time because of the couple that we’re working with and their vision for their big day. There are so many things that are beyond our control during a wedding, and learning to adapt to each of those things as they come along, while still being authentic in our approach to wedding photography, and keeping our style of shooting, is stimulating in a good way in that it keeps us creative and keeps fueling our fire!