Mr and Mrs D’Angelo share their unique gorgeous wedding album, and what made their Berkeley Church wedding so enjoyable and stylish.

Your wedding album is exceptional. Who photographed your wedding and what were some of the key things you agreed on about the style and format and feel of the photography you wanted?

Our photographer was Alex Sawatzky from Photographers Without Borders. She came recommended from a friend that did some work with PWB in the past. The key agreement between us was simply that we didn’t want your typical wedding photos. Just as our wedding was far from standard, we wanted the photos to reflect that. Side bar: she’s not a wedding photographer, which helped too – so it was like seeing the wedding through the lens of a guest, rather than someone who does a thousand of these a year.

Looking over your album now after a little time has passed what are some of the elements that your photographer achieved that mean the most to you?

She managed to capture the more candid moments that, when they’re happening, don’t seem like much, but they’re the moments that stand out most. Everything we felt during our wedding, she managed to capture in her photography.

What was the main attraction for  having your wedding at the Berkeley Church and what point of reference or inspiration guided you the most throughout the planning?

Berkeley Church had 3 things that stood out to us: 1) it’s in the east end, and that means a lot to us as east enders 2) it’s got so much character that you just can’t find at a lot of other venues and 3) the cost was just too good to pass up!

Going into the wedding, we did a whole lot of research and we were ready to plan. But honestly, we had NO point of reference for anything and just wanted the wedding to feel very… us. What meant most to us is that it was a personal affair that guests could enjoy, and I think we managed to nail it.

What were some key decisions that were made early on in the planning stages that you feel were beneficial to you naming your wedding day as the best day of 2019:)

We were hopelessly lost the entire time. We didn’t hire a wedding planner. Everything was on us (and the help of those close to us). The fact that we managed to pull it off without a hitch (and I mean that.. not one hitch!) warrants it being named the best day of 2019.

Oh, and getting to marry my best friend is definitely a bonus.

The styling of your wedding included a selection of plants and a whimsical ceremony floral design, which worked perfectly in the setting of the Berkeley Church. What was your source of inspiration for this styling?

I can’t say we knew a whole lot about what we wanted going into this, but we knew with certainty the things we didn’t want – and that was a point of inspiration to us. While beautiful, big centerpieces, roses, etc are not really our thing.

So, we just went with what felt natural to us: wild flowers with random colour arrangements scattered about in vintage (and, again, random) vases, plus loads of green. It looked great and just felt right. Some of our friends actually still have the dried out flowers and they still look incredible.

Working in a creative field yourself how did this inform the planning and choices you made for your wedding?

It’s my job to make people and things look great on camera, so there was added pressure to have our wedding live up to that. However, I can’t say it actually influenced any decisions we made.

What were some of the key decisions you made considering the type of experience you wanted your guests to have at your wedding?

As cliche as it sounds, we just wanted everyone to feel comfortable and have a lot of fun.

To make that happen, Christina and I got married at home with a minister the day prior, which allowed us to have a much shorter ceremony hosted by friends/family, which got people eating and drinking a whole lot sooner than they would at a typical wedding.

Your wife’s wedding dress was so beautiful! Is there something you can share about it?

Oh, totally. It’s a completely original dress that was designed and made in the 1920s (a century ago!) from Vintage Bridal on Bloor West. The dress was the personification of my wife, Christina. It was perfect.

It did rip in the back and get wine spilled on it, so… oops.

How would you describe the atmosphere and feeling you wanted to create within the Berkeley Church for your wedding day?

We didn’t want things to be so traditional. We didn’t want people to feel like they had to be reserved in any way, or afraid to have fun.

We just wanted to create a space that felt very us, made people comfortable and open enough to have a great time. I think we succeeded.

What advice would you give a newly engaged couple based on your experience ?

Make your wedding your own. Everyone wants a say/has an opinion on the decisions you make, and that’s fine, but ultimately it’s a day that only the two of you will remember forever – so make sure it’s what you want.

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Alex Sawatzky from Photographers Without Borders

Marco D’Angelo