Fox Photography captures the precious moments of Kristin and Daniel’s beautiful Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

What are some of the qualities of a photograph that takes a couple right back to the exact moment it was taken? 

Something that shows a moment, or emotion. A portrait can remind couples of what things looked like but capturing a moment, a glance between them, a father’s look at his daughter – that’s what takes them back to how things felt at that time.

How do you communicate the unique atmosphere of the wedding day through your work ?

 As primarily documentary photographers, we try to capture how things were on the day and the flow of the day. Even with the couples portraits we try to capture them and their unique personalities so then it shows in the photos so the gallery can be more than just a memory for them but a story to look back on.

“Photography isn’t only a representation, but predominantly a unique narrative unveiled by the one holding the camera.” Susan Sontag. What do you think of this quote and how does it resonate for you ?

 I think this is particularly true for documentary style wedding photographers. It’s our job as the photographers to tell the story of the day for our clients.

Given the current reality of social distancing, how does this impact how you are viewing your wedding albums?

I hope it makes our couples look back on them because it’s a time when a lot of our future couples are having to postpone in order to share their special day with their friends and family.

What were some of the choices that Kristin and Daniel made for their wedding that you feel actualized in a very effective way ? 

I like how they did multiple ‘first looks’ one with each other, one with Kristin & her bridesmaids and one with Kristin and her Dad.

What are some of the qualities of documenting an outdoor ceremony that you like ? 

I love the lighting in outdoor ceremonies as it’s always natural

Tell us about Kristins wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses and how you brought out their beauty in creating interesting portraits. 

The green colour was perfect for the outdoor photos as it was a great fall colour and vibrant. Kristin’s wedding dress had beautiful details which were highlighted in the bright sun

How do you create a confidence in your couple that they are doing a really good job of getting married and cultivate a relaxed feeling in their portraits ? 

We tend to stay away from too many posed photos but will give direction and prompts to encourage real reactions and emotions with the couple. We also encourage them to focus on each other so they are more relaxed.

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