Julius Ding Photography creates romantic moments, elegant and genuine portraits and tells the whole story of Adam and Chris’s Berkeley Bicycle Club Wedding.

What makes you so good at taking pictures ? 

Constantly challenging myself in techniques and gaining experience, non-stop looking for new methods, better ways to express myself using photography.

10 years photographing got me to this point.

What are some of the ways you identify and connect with your couples that allows you to create these amazing wedding portraits?

I listen to their stories, of who they are and how they found each other and how they connect with each other, in the same time, I share my own with them. I try my best to build a trusting relationship with them so that we are comfortable with each other during photo sessions. I ask couples to describe to me what things are the most important to them in photography, e.g., intimate and romantic moments, elegant and genuine portraits, loving spirits and relations, etc.. Base on their expectations, I explain to them how I understand them from a photographer point of view. So that expectations from both sides are bridged. And during each session, I always encourage couples to take chances and to get for more exciting and meaningful photos.

What did you hope Adam and Chris would experience when they viewed their wedding album?

I hoped they could relive that wonderful day whenever they look at the photos.

What were some of the aspirations Adam and Chris had for their wedding when you first met with them and what was your response in how your photography could work in alignment with these ideas?

Adam and Chris have been together for a long time. They have many closed friends and family members. They wanted their wedding to be a big party of celebration. My job for this wedding was to capture as many exciting moments of people enjoying this day with Adam and Chris as possible. Hence, the party/dancing shots, one of my favourite portions of a wedding day.

You photograph objects like you photographs people with a sense of purpose and depth. This is very evident in the exterior photographs of the mansion. Do you have a philosophy about this that guides you? 

Environment, Environment! An important part of Wedding Photography is the environment. The environment that’s housing the big day is a reflection of who they are individually and how they connect as a couple. Portraits of environment complete the memory of a wedding day.

Its obvious that you move quickly and put yourself in a place where you can get an interesting framing and perspective in your frame that communicates an interaction very naturally . How did you cultivate this skill?

Again 10 years photographing events. The more you shoot, the quicker you act when you spot an opportunity. And you have enough knowledge and experience to anticipate the moments.

What were you most pleased about when you first viewed your raw pictures from the day?

That people were genuinely happy and enjoying the day in my photos.

What was a choice that Adam and Chris made in their planning stages that you felt was key to the success of their wedding day ?

Other than having a very clear and successful communication on their expectations and requirements, the fact that they’d decided to have an engagement session prior to the wedding, gave us the opportunity to better understand each other and it had guarantee the outcome on the wedding day.

What was your first impression of The Berkeley Bicycle Club when you first saw it?

It’s a very gorgeous mansion like space with full photography potentials. It has the contrast of history and modern art works, indoor and outdoor space, combination lighting environment to create exciting photos.

There is a wonderful sense in your pictures that the wedding guests are throughly at home in the space and really made it there own. How did you build this quality in your photos?

I always use the environment to frame my subjects, environmental portraits is one of my biggest passion.

You successfully capture the elevated energy present in the emotionally charged moments throughout the wedding. What are some of your techniques for this?

I feed on people’s energy when I shoot. I am very sympathetic naturally and I’ve trained myself to spot emotion changes. whenever there’s a spike on my radar, I am pointing my lens towards it. Again, years of learning.


Photographer Stephen Shore talks about the ability of the camera to make a complex picture that captures all the details for the viewer to navigate. What do you think about this concept ?

There are always the photographer and the viewer in every picture, as Ansel Adams said.  We photographer can always document events or photography subjects, but viewer also has the freedom to discover. It’s rather interesting, the discover of photographers and the discover of viewers. A lot of times they are very different.

Adam and Chris the story of us book. How did this beautiful book add to the wedding experience and how did you show this dynamic addition?

It’s a very interesting creation for people to rediscover their relationship and their lives from their point of view. Photographing the book and people reading the book adds that Windows and Mirrors quality to it. Discovery and Reflection.

How would you describe your process for seeing opportunities for pictures at weddings and what makes a good picture ?

Shoot with both of my eyes open.

Compelling composition, emotion, story telling, unique perspective are some of the most important requirements for a good wedding picture.

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