Belinda and Richard  share their Modern Sexy Romantic Airship37 wedding.

Reflecting back on your wedding, what were some of the best choices you made that you feel paid off the most? 

The biggest thing was not over thinking anything, or trying to at least! In the end it was about my husband and I, and celebrating our love. Also, trying not to please anyone. Again, it was our day and we were going to do it the way we wanted and we knew that every single person there would just be so happy for us that there would be no complaints!

How significant has it been to have a wedding album you love from your wedding day that you can continue to enjoy? 

So important! Photography was one detail that we were not too budget conscious with. I knew that Kurtz style was classic and beautiful (not trendy) and something that we will be able to look back on in 40 years and still love the images.

Your wedding ceremony had a lovely and intimate styling that worked very effectively in Airship37’s modern industrial space. What inspired this style?

Truthfully…Pinterest! Also I had attended and photographed weddings at the venue before.

Airship37 is kind of like a chameleon, depending on your decor it can be altered in so many different ways. I wanted something modern and romantic, but simple and relaxed. By simply adding candles and an area rug, the space was transformed!

You chose to have an unplugged ceremony. What informed this choice? Do you feel that it produced the desired result?

Absolutely! We wanted the ceremony to be a very intimate and private moment, even with 125 people surrounding us. Also, being a past wedding photographer myself I knew the importance of the ceremony photos and wanted my photographers to feel at ease knowing there was no one getting in their way.

What three words would you use to describe your wedding style, and what elements in your design do you feel contributed to the overall aesthetic of your day?

Romantic, Simple & Sexy. I think all of these contributed to the aesthetic of the day in their own way. The day from beginning to end really was so romantic and laid back! Having the touches of velvet, the burgundy, navy and gold tones, along with all the candles made it feel super sexy and elegant.

How would you describe the styling of the head table at your wedding and how was it integrated so effectively with the whole reception aesthetic?

I would say romantic, yet understated. I wanted the whole transition from ceremony to reception to be easy and pain free! The table top decor was tied all together with a long velvet blue runner, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, and candles! Lots and lots of candles! I can remember getting a quote from my florist (who provided the candles) and replying back to her saying ‘Double it!’. It was well worth it because the romantic glow during dinner was truly something to see, and was EXACTLY how I envisioned it.

What other elements of  your wedding day do you feel contributed to a peaceful enjoyable experience?  

I really enjoyed the fact that we did a first look and wedding party photos before the ceremony. Aside from a few family photos, we were able to spend time with our guests during cocktail hour, and actually have a cocktail! Also we didn’t follow certain ‘traditional’ wedding elements that felt unnecessary to us, for example instead of a wedding cake we had donuts and Italian pastries.

How did you arrive at a plan with your photographer to create the wedding day portraits that you ideated together?

When choosing Kurtz, I knew exactly his style of photography, and allowed him to do his thing and trusted him every step of the way!

How did being a professional photographer shape the way you planned your wedding? 

Although I am not currently still in the industry, at the time I had been photographing weddings since 2012, so I’ve attended a lot of weddings! I think this gave me a bit of an advantage in knowing what I wanted. Not only had I been dreaming of my wedding since 2013 (when I met my now husband) but I got to see first hand what looked nice, what made a wedding memorable, and even what details go missed.

What is the story of your beautiful wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses? 

At the time I got married I was actually Office Manager of a Toronto bridal boutique. This made the decision of my dress pretty hard, but I had a great relationship with the Canadian designer (and her team) and I LOVED the fit! Stretchy but supported. I wanted my look to be glam, sexy, but also relaxed and comfortable. The bodice of my gown was actually a beautiful Spanish velvet. Perfect for a September wedding and matched my groom’s bow tie.

For my bridesmaids I just wanted something comfortable, versatile and budget friendly! Also a plus that the designer was Canadian as well. I gifted each bridesmaid with a pair of bold statement earrings, and they wore leather jackets. Going with a simple gown and adding a bold accessory tied the whole look together!

I love knowing that the gowns my bridesmaids wore are something that they truly, actually, can wear again!

What drew you to Airship37 as the venue of choice for your day, and how did you leverage its best features as a setting? 

I had photographed 2 weddings previously at the space and just felt it had such a good vibe! It was modern and ‘simple’ but could be elevated depending on your decor. The food was delicious and the atmosphere of being downtown Toronto, although not feeling like you were downtown, was the perfect combination!

What advice would you give to a couple who are planning their wedding? 

Word of mouth in the bridal industry is HUGE! It is how most businesses survive and thrive and there is a reason for that. If you have friends or family members that have gotten married don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals or reach out to them if you really enjoyed their vendors.

Also, although it may sound easier said than done, try not to stress the small stuff. Truly, no one is going to notice if you have the ‘wrong’ pattern on your table cloth. Remember that this is a day to celebrate you and your partners love for each other, and every one of your guests is there to do just that!

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Kurtz Orpia

venue : Airship37

Florist (and candles): Roses & Twine

DJ: Benjamin De Graaf DJ Elegance

Decor: (signage, donut wall, menus, etc) –  DIY 

Dress: Laudae Bridal

Suit: Suitsupply Yorkville

Donuts: Gloryhole Donuts