Megan and Mike’s Intimate Colourful, stylish  and Joy filled Airship37  wedding venue Toronto explored with Ryan Bolton Photography.

You speak in a previous interview  about approaching your photography from a photo journalistic approach . How is this particularly relevant at this specific time to be getting married ?

I love to bring a journalistic touch to each wedding I photograph. It’s about storytelling and documenting a beautiful day, and that’s serious work. And these days, during a global pandemic, I find that these moments are even more important to capture, especially wedding days that only a select few family members can attend.

Did Megan and Mike have to alter or change their dream wedding and if so how do you feel they best maintained the essence of their dream ?

Yes, Megan and Mike had to shift their wedding date at least twice, I believe. But they held strong, and luckily enough, the Friday of their wedding was the first-day patios were allowed to re-open in Ontario, and indoor groups could be bigger. So that was a nice blessing.


They look so happy, natural and like they really are having fun. What were some contributing factors to this being so and you capturing it so beautifully ? 

Megan and Mike are naturals themselves. You can feel their love for one another just hanging out with them for an afternoon. They make it effortless, and I think that shows through the photos.

“I think everyone is enjoying being a part of more intimate events where love is the focus.” Hunt and Gather Floral

How did you approach documenting this unique airship37 ceremony given the design elements, the intimate number of guests and the personalities of the couple?

With the intimate ceremonies, there’s more space to move around and capture the essence, I find. You can also get tighter shots than you normally would with a 100+ person wedding. Airship 37 itself is so bright and big, there’s a lot you can do with space, and I loved the bright floral touches they added.

“Since we work mostly with local farmers at this time of year, we did not have any issues with supply. There is so much coming up in the fields throughout Ontario and with such an eclectic palette, it makes it easy to take what the fields offer. ” Hunt and Gather Floral

You have the standard of making each photo visually stunning and this is evident in this sneak peek album. Was there anything in particular you adhered to technically and strategically to achieve this ?

Thank you! Nothing specific, I just look for each possibility to make each photo better than the last.



Ryan Bolton Photography

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Officiant : Helen Sweet Officiant

Robert Bullock Bride

Getting Ready Venue : One King West