Donna and Mark’s Fun and Joyous intimate La Maquette Wedding photographed by Magnolia Studios.

I wanted to give current couples who are still planning (and are pretty bummed about masks) an optimistic view – all of the covid weddings I’ve had have been so much fun and amazing so I hope it comes across!

Moving into larger wedding sizes what remains a forever impression of what it was like to photograph a wedding during an earlier stage of covid ? 

With wedding receptions being significantly reduced in guest size due to government restrictions, of course there was a lot of shuffling going on!  But even with all the replanning, I noticed that once the wedding day came around the event was so appreciated by everyone.  I remember one moment at cocktail hour where I overheard a guest who kept saying how much fun she was having!

Although the wedding guest size was greatly reduced you managed to photograph the wedding in a way that balanced the size within the wedding setting to make it feel joyous and just right . How did you manage this ?

From what I gathered through chatting with guests and hearing the speeches, everyone in attendance was really grateful to be there after so much isolation, and honoured to have been selected as the closest friends and family to the couple. The mask mandate didn’t interfere too much with the evening and we were still able to get plenty of photos without them, and it was so much fun and very joyous!

What are some of the features of the la maquette setting that attracted the couple to chose it and how did you showcase these attributes in the album ?

Donna and Mark have an amazing planner in the family, Derek, who helped with all the details.  It was a cool, modern downtown Toronto wedding.  They had their cocktail hour outside and then moved to the upper dining level for dinner, then back down to the bar area for drinks and mingling.  I love the bar and dance floor space at La Maquette, it’s a unique space with a nice flow.

There is despite the logistics a natural relaxed feel to all the wedding portraits you captured did you have to employ any special ninja skills to pull this off ?

Donna, Mark and I broke the ice at the engagement shoot.  Having met and worked together prior to the wedding can help establish a connection and a comfort level in working together.  While I am always a very goal oriented photographer when it comes to what needs to be done on a wedding day and to work efficiently to capture everything in the best light, I do like to have fun in the process with my couples and their guests.  It’s a bit of an energy exchange!  I also like to take a free flow approach to photography rather than a controlled pre planned approach – interpreting each moment as they come I feel allows for authenticity and spontaneity.  So I guess if I had to put it into words, the trick is simply to create the space for that to take place.

Looking back which aspects of the wedding day do you feel were pivotal to its success ? 

A good and patient planner, having a bit of faith that no matter what happens everything will work itself out (it always does – when one door closes another opens!) and an openness to allow the day to unfold the way it was meant to. 

Do you have a favourite place in the venue that you can rely on to create a look you love ?

I love that La Maquette has such beautiful natural light in the dining area, bringing a bit of the outdoors in.  I also love the bar and dance floor area – I always say that when you find a venue where the bar is right on the dance floor you will have a good party because it means that everyone will be together in the same space 🙂  I also love the decor and modern feel of the space.

If you were to have a phrase to describe this day or a quote (yours or another’s ) what would it be ? 

 I remember overhearing someone say ‘wow!  I’m having so much fun!”  as if it was a bit of a surprise with covid restrictions being a factor that day.  As stressful as the restrictions must have been on the planning side of things, on the wedding day it really was a lot of fun and the joy was there – which I think is important to mention for couples who are still planning during this time and may feel a bit less optimistic about their changed wedding plans.

Wedding Planning and Design : Dereck Drapala
Wedding Florals : Ange Kanavas
Wedding dress : Davids Bridal
Neon Sign:  Thats Art
Hair and Makeup : Elle Reve Salon