Adorn In Light Photo shares the vibrant Glamorous Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding of Alex and Erica.

What make a compelling photograph ?

I think what makes a compelling photograph is its ability to make you stop, stare and feel. It’s always a mixture of lighting, movement and contrast that goes into making a photograph really stand out and be compelling.

You so effectively created a thoughtful dynamic range of getting ready pictures from the candid narrative warmth of the interactions to the more minimal editorial looks . How do you achieve this successful result ?

That’s so kind! I go into wedding days with a real humbled heart knowing that I was chosen to be apart of peoples intimate moments on their special day.  I think having that attitude going in allows me to capture honest, candid moments between family and friends without being too “posey” or in the way of people.


There is a sense of excitement, adventure and movement captured in  your work very evident in the series of portraits in the mezzanine area of the Berkeley church . What are some of your methods behind this ?

I love getting my couples to express their inward excitement and anticipation for the day, outwardly.  I typically will give prompts and encourage the bride and groom to just have fun and really at the end of the day to just be themselves and forget I’m there! 🙂

What were some of the key intentions  that Alex and Erica had for their wedding day and how did you respond with your plan to capture them all ?

Alex and Erica have a really high value of community & family (which I so love!) so it was really important to them to have more time set apart to celebrate a little longer with all their close friends and family.  They achieved this by leaving more space before the ceremony to relax and enjoy time together without rushing through the day.  Something I also really digged about their day, they went around to each table at the reception and did a “cheers!” with everyone- was a really special touch.

Despite there being safety restrictions still in place you managed to achieve a very calm beautiful unhurried quality in the album . What are you thought on this ?

I think this honestly goes back to the Bride & Groom! They themselves are so down to earth and relaxed that I think it just flowed into the day and inevitably into their gallery.

You so effectively captured many different intimate viewpoints of the ceremony creating the experience for your couple to share and relive . How did you achieve this ?

My mentor once told me the key to capturing a good ceremony is to capture it from all the angles from every party viewing it (the bride and groom, guests, officiant, bridal party etc).  So I try and capture all of those different viewing angles to ensure I get a good amount of variety and emotion in the images.

Okay the wedding dress ! The  couples elegant, yet not too serious style and the brides outfit change to dance the night away. What are your thoughts ?

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with the dress?! I think my first reaction to seeing it was truthfully “OH HOT DANG, ERICA!” haha!.  The dress was elegant and timeless and then her outfit change totally showcased her fun, bubbly personality!.  Something really special about Alex’s suite was that he had it customized to include a personalised stitching on the inside pocket- such a nice touch!

There is a precious element of appreciation in this wedding with small meaningful touches and considerations throughout from the addition of the photo wall to the shared moments such as the groom and his groomsmen holding up lemons in a cheers . What are some of the ways you tune into and capture all these little important details?

I really made sure to capture those small moments because I know how much time and thought goes into every aspect of wedding planning details (big and small!).  It’s vital and so important to be present when photographing a wedding- candid moments happen FAST so I always have my camera ready to go at all times.


You fully explored all the potential of the venue and choreographed beautiful little vignettes of your couple and their wedding party . How did you manage to do this and what were your first thoughts editing the album ?

It was definitely a team effort! 🙂 I had quite a lot of communication with not only the bride and groom about their vision for photo locations/backdrops but also with the videographer team (who were incredible!).  We individually went to the location prior to wedding to “scout” for sweet backdrops and ending up finding some gems close by Berkeley Fieldhouse but also took full advantage of wedding venue as its incredible!. My first thoughts when I started editing was excitement as its always the best feeling seeing the photos on the screen for the first time after the wedding! 🙂

Photographer :Adorn in Light Photo

Venue : Berkeley Fieldhouse

Officiant : Jojo Ariwi

Planner : Jovie Padua
Videography : Counterpart 
Gelato Cart : Lakeshore Creamery 
Hair and Makeup : Windy Chui