Jess and Jim share inside their fun, romantic, incredible Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding.

What was your journey like from your engagement to the day you got married ?

We got engaged in June of 2020. Early enough in the Pandemic that we still thought it would be over in a few weeks. Lol. So as we realized that was not going to be the case we had to change and iterate the plan a few times. Especially because we didn’t want to go ahead without family attending from the U.K. we had to wait until the borders opened up. In the end we got married on our 3rd wedding date and our 4th plan.

 I’m so glad we waited and were able to have our family there- even if the wedding was half the size of the original plan – it was a really special and intimate day and made even sweeter by seeing people we hadn’t seen since before the pandemic.

There is a unique, warm, beautiful tone to your wedding album. How did you arrive at a vision for your photos with your photographer?

Credit where credit is due, that is because of the artistic eye of our photographer Megan Michelle. We worked together years beforehand when she used to take photos for a music blog I had previously. So, I knew she was incredible and also knew she had transitioned to wedding photography. She was the first call I made we had decided on a date (the first date haha). We were then lucky enough she was available for the final date as well.

What is the story of your stunning wedding dress ?

My dress was the Travers gown by WTOO by Watters.  I got it at Sash and Bustle. I knew I wanted something simple and elegant that I could alter into the perfect dress.

My goal was to be comfortable, feel great and be able to eat and it was all of those things.

How did you find the inspiration for what kind of wedding experience you wanted to have ?

Our goal was always for it to be fun and focused on family.

We have a mix of traditions with me being Jewish and my husband being British so we wanted to incorporate a bit of both. We wanted everyone to feel a part of it and included and having a more intimate group made that even more possible. But fun, was the ultimate goal and I we definitely achieved that.

How did Berkeley Fieldhouse suit your vision for your day ?

I’ve always like simple and elegant and the Berkeley Fieldhouse is both of those things. It has white walls and lots of greenery. I always wanted my flowers to be simple and classy with white flowers and lots of greenery, especially eucalyptus. That aesthetic fit with the Berkeley Fieldhouse seamlessly. It’s such a beautiful space we didn’t need that much decor. We used a lot of candles to create ambiance and it looked incredible. Considering it was the 3rd iteration of the wedding I can’t even imagine having done it anywhere else.

Who were the vendors who helped you style and plan your beautiful day and what decisions did you make that you feel paid off the most?

Having previously planned corporate events I took choosing the vendors seriously.  I wanted vendors who could be full service since I didn’t have a wedding planner, I’m still so grateful I made that call. Since we changed the plan a few times not all of our original vendors were able help on the final date. We ended up planning the wedding with Berkeley in 4 weeks. The vendors we ended up with were so amazing and helpful, I am so grateful, especially since I know I wasn’t the only bride throwing a wedding together in a short period of time. The Berkeley team was so helpful and made the whole thing possible. We were also then thrilled to find out on the day-of that the staff were amazing and the food was delicious.

We had to get a new florist and only secured San Remo something like 10 days before the wedding. They ended up being exceptional and helped with all decor set up and tear down.  My photographer Megan helped plan the run-of-day and manage everyone for photos. My hair and makeup team was run by Katie Hall and Angela Lee and they were an amazing team of talented women who made us all look incredible.

The other two great decisions we made were for music. With the string duet, Grace Notes, for the ceremony, it really added drama and emotion to the moment. And DJ Tanner who made the cocktail hour and dance party so fun. We almost decided to not get a DJ when we reduced the guest list and now I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t have had that dance party.

There are some really fun and glamorous wedding portraits taken at the Berkeley Fieldhouse with an interesting backdrop choices. What was your impression when you first saw them?

The photos are amazing. I mean the Fieldhouse is beautiful. And Megan really had an eye for picking out such interesting backdrops that looked so good in the photos. The space is so unique.

What three words would you use to describe your wedding experience ?

Fun, Romantic, Incredible.

Megan Michelle Photography

Angel Lee Makeup

Hair By Katie Hall

San Remo Flowers

DJ Tanner

Rings : Jessica Jewerelly

wedding Planing : Grace Notes

Wedding Dress : Sash and Bustle 

WTOO by Watters

string duet, Grace Notes